Isingiro District Chairman Defies Minister On Quarantine Again

Isingiro Chairman Jeremiah Kamurari

The Isingiro district LC 5 Chairman Jeremiah Birungi Kamurari has once again opposed a quarantine order from the Ministry of Agriculture, purchase following reported spread of Foot and Mouth Disease from Isingiro to neighboring districts of Kiruhura, page Rakai, more about Lyantonde and Mbarara.

The Agriculture Minister Vincent Bamulangaki Sempijja two weeks ago ordered a ban on cattle movement and sale and also closed all cattle markets in the district.

The district Chairman however, is standing against the move and has vowed to forcefully re-open the closed livestock markets.

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This is the second time Kamurari defies the ministry orders. The first time last year he threatened lead people to attack police officers enforcing the quarantine on the roads.

The LC5 boss yesterday accused the minister of failing to send a team from the ministry to carry out samples and prove the second outbreak of FMD in Isingiro as promised.

“Today I am going to open the Endinzi Market as well as other markets later until proper communication from the ministry is made,” he said.

Kamurari says there is a group of people who are wrongly using the law to make the people of Isingiro suffer, “to the extent of telling lies to the President that FMD is still in the district.”

“I fully support the laws and I understand them, but others are misusing them. If there is FMD in the area, then you better come and show us where it is,” he said.

However, the Isingiro RDC Herbert Muhangi warned the chairman that he is not above the law and should stop frustrating government programmes.

The RDC also advised the locals not to follow the unlawful decisions of Kamurari.



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