Isingiro Chairman Moves to Lift Quarantine Against Minister’s Orders

Isingiro District Chairman Jeremiah Kamurali

The Isingiro district Veterinary Officer Dr. Bruhan Kasozi is involved in a fight with the district chairman Jeremiah Kamurali, who has vowed to forcefully lift a cattle quarantine imposed recently by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The chairman Kamurali is sternly opposed to the 10 year ban on cattle movement in the district and has vowed to forcefully lift it.

The chairman made known his position last week during the district council meeting where he said he would reopen the animal markets with effect from 1st November.

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This is in spite of the directive by the Animal Husbandry junior minister Joy Kabatsi, viagra extending the quarantine to 10 years following reports of Foot and Mouth Disease in the area

The Chairman however, has been warned by the District Veterinary Officer Dr Kasozi not to dare flout the minister’s order, well aware that the dangerous disease is still evident in the district.

Isingiro District Vet Officer Dr. Bruhan Kasozi

Isingiro District Vet Officer Dr. Bruhan Kasozi

The DVO says whoever insists to violating the ministers’ order to open livestock markets shall be arrested and prosecuted.

“It’s only the commissioner of animal health with the power of reopening the livestock markets,” he said

Chairman Kamulari claims some politicians and other people including the DVO are indirectly benefiting from the ban, at the expense of the local government. These he said are secretly buying and selling cattle in and out of the district.

Meanwhile the district councilors are worried that the fighting between the technical and political wings could further hurt the new district that is currently battling a severe drought.


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