Isingiro Calamity: District Chairman Arrested

Police arrest the Isingiro District Chairman Jeremiah Kamurali (in short sleeves) yesterday

The chairman LC 5 for Isingiro district has been arrested for violating the ministers’ orders on a quarantine imposed on the district.

Chairman Jeremiah Kamurali who sternly opposed the near 15 year ban on livestock movement in the district was picked up by police yesterday morning as he attempted to reopen the closed livestock markets in Endiinzi town.

He was immediately driven and handed over to Mbarara Regional Police Station.

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The RPC Rwizi region Ivan Nuwamanya confirmed the arrest of the district chairman saying that he had forcefully opened the livestock markets violating the orders of Junior Minister of Animal husbandry Joy Kabatsi who last month extended the cattle quarantine in the district by another 10 years.

RPC Rwizi region Ivan Nuwamanya

RPC Rwizi region Ivan Nuwamanya

The order followed reported cases of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) still evident in the district.

The district chairman in a recent interview with Chimpreports stood his ground and vowed to flout the minister’s orders saying that the quarantine was worsening the volatile condition in the district, for sale currently hard hit by a prolonged dry spell.

Isingiro District Chairman Jeremiah Kamurali

Isingiro District Chairman Jeremiah Kamurali

He vowed to reopen the Endiinzi and Kamwirima cattle markets on 3rd and 5th November respectively.

The RPC Niwamanya told media upon the arrest that a regional security meeting will be held to find a lasting solution to the standoff.

Terming his actions as unnecessary defiance, viagra 60mg the RPC said Kamurali would be charged for violating the Animal Disease Act (2000).

At the police, approved the district chairman pleaded to be released to attend a budget conference which was ongoing in his district and was granted a police bond.

After his release, Kamurali told Chimpreports that he will forcefully open the livestock markets.

“The markets must be reopened come rain or sunshine.” he said, adding that there was no way he would watch his people drop dead with no food to eat as government maintains grip on their livelihood with no support interventions.


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