IPOD Clarifies on Working with Akena’s UPC

IPOD Executive Director, Tenthani Kizito

Interparty Organization for Dialogue (IPOD) Executive Director, buy information pills http://conceive.ca/wp-content/cache/wp-cache-6865a2fa6026546ec9a91dbc69e7b692.php Tenthani Kizito has spoken out on accusations mounted against the organization by Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) members under Joseph Bossa, ampoule for working with Jimmy Akena in the capacity of party president.

According to Bossa’s administration spokesperson, Okello Lucima, IPOD bent its principals by admitting Akena into IPOD well knowing that he is not the duly elected party president.

Kizito told Chimpreports on Friday when contacted on the raised issues, that the decision was taken basing on records by the Electoral Commission (EC) which recognize Akena as the president of UPC.

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“I can confirm that the IPOD Secretariat got the concerns from UPC Joseph Bossa’s camp. IPOD is indeed working with the Akena administration simply because it is the UPC that is recognized by Electoral Commission as an authority for the registration and regulation of political parties,” noted Kizito in his written document to Chimp Corp.

“We are aware that there was a high court judgment in favor of the Bossa camp. However there is an appeal at the Supreme Court staying the High Court ruling,” Kizito said.

“In our view, this has reinstated the status quo (i.e. the Akena faction as a bona fide UPC) until the court rules otherwise.”

“We presented the matter to the IPOD council on the 6th of October and they resolved to respect this legal position until otherwise directed by the court of law. To the best of my knowledge, this state of affairs is still prevailing.”


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