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“Investigate Aronda’s Death,” Insists Besigye

FDC's Col Kizza Besigye says the country deserves the truth about Gen Aronda's death

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change’s fourth time Presidential aspirant Col Kizza Besigye is the latest voice in the inpouring condolences to the family and friends of the deceased Internal Affairs Minister Gen Aronda Nyakairima.

Besigye, site http://concursofotografia.orihuela.es/wp-admin/includes/meta-boxes.php with whom Nyakairima served for years in the Resistance Army that ushered in the current government said he was jolted by the shocking news.

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Besigye revealed on Monday that he met Gen Aronda in mid-1982 in Mondlane Unit of the National Resistance Army which was situated at Kitemamasanga, near Semuto.

“I undertook my first military training with Gen Aronda and other recruits, mainly, his colleagues from Makerere University. These included Maj Gen Benon Biraro and several others that have since passed on,” he recounted.

“Our instructors were especially rough with us. They had a perception that “intellectuals”, as our type was referred to, were too “soft” and needed extra hardening to prepare us for the bush war life. Gen Aronda took all the maltreatment with grace, while some of the colleagues tempers boiled over.”

“The tough and often dire times of the bush war had turned us into blood brothers and sisters. Many comrades succumbed to the tough times and some barely scrapped through those times. Gen Aronda’s steely determination brought him to the end of the war in “one piece”.

Gen Aronda was found dead by a hostess on an Emirates flight to Dubai while he returned from a trip in South Korea.

After the news reached Uganda on Saturday morning, Dr Besigye took to his social media pages with theories that suggested that the general’s death could have been orchestrated by the enemies he made in government.

The remarks were received with immense outrage from some of his followers.

In his Monday eulogy, Dr Besigye called for through investigations into what caused the general’s sudden demise. This, he said was important for the family, the government and the country at large.

“Gen Aronda was a fine officer and a gentleman, who, like a number of his colleagues, was serving in a very difficult and nefarious environment. He has endeavored to serve his country well. At the time of his death, he had stuck his head out to push back the notorious illegal militia of Maj (rtd) Kakooza Mutale.”

“Even in the best of times, sudden death raises strong suspicion of possible foul play. Yet, Gen Aronda’s death happened in times that cannot be remotely considered as good. It occurred against a background of many suspicious deaths of high-ranking government and military officials.”

“It also happened against a background of a specific warning that his life could be in eminent danger. The concerns spelt out in the Gen Sejusa’s letter, which triggered serious fallout in government security circles cannot be ignored, when such a death occurs.”

Since his retirement from the UPDF in 2000, Besigye says he was unable to have much interaction with Gen Aronda.

“Serving military officers are generally very uncomfortable, even scared, to be seen talking to political opposition leaders of my type! This is because of the fear of being “misunderstood” to be sympathetic to their views. Whenever I’ve chanced into Gen Aronda, he was polite and thoughtful in whatever he said. He has been full of life and was still in the prime years of his life. He was highly disciplined in his personal life.”

General Aronda’s body is currently being examined by Uganda doctors flown to Dubai over the weekend.

His return and final sendoff are all planned for later this week.



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