Interview: Why UPC in Bed with NRM

Opposition Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) under the leadership of Lira Municipality Member of Parliament (MP) Jimmy Michael Akena has a host of reasons they needed to form an alliance with the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

The talk of an alliance between UPC and NRM came as a shock to a section of older Ugandans who have seen the past relationship between the two parties.

The two parties have for years traded accusations for the bloodbaths in which hundreds of thousands of Ugandans lost lives.

The UPC party Spokesperson, information pills http://center4research.org/wp-content/plugins/easy-columns/easy-columns.php Michael Orach Osinde on Wednesday took Chimpreports through the considerations that led to the new marriage, find that was recently crowned with the appointment of a UPC member in the new NRM cabinet.

Osinde says that unless Ugandans begin to focus on how to negotiate peaceful transfer of power by President Museveni, see the country is still far from seeing sustainable change in governance.

“We are not doing anything out of the blue, we are now approaching the issue of causing change in a peaceful and non-violent manner, different from all the approaches that our brothers in other opposition political parties have employed for long without yielding any results,” Osinde said.

Osinde says the country can’t attain genuine sustainable peace without involving President Museveni in the transition talks, given that he has steered the country for over 30 years.

“Museveni is a key player in the country’s politics and leadership and we can’t just push him aside; I want to warn our brothers in the opposition that the use of violence and defiance can’t save Uganda but will worsen the situation instead.”

History, he says, has proved that every leader that has taken over power through defiance has turned out a dictator.

“We are looking at instilling a culture of tolerance where political enemies can sit and talk to one another for the good of our country since Uganda is bigger that all of us.

“Our timing to work with NRM is the best since according to the Constitution, we all know that Museveni will not be legible to stand in the 2021 general elections, and working with him now would put us on an advantage.”

“The alliance will help us restructure so as to take over power in 2021 general elections in case Parliament doesn’t move to amend the Constitution to do away with the age limit.”

Osinde explained that their planned alliance with the NRM ruling party is legally backed up by Article 83 (2) of the Constitution and Article 18 (a) of the Political Party and Organizations Act.


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