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Interview: TVO Speaks out on Love Life, Evading ‘Women Traps’ and Being a LandLord

A couple of years ago, troche http://couponadventures.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/_inc/social-logos.php Tom Voltaire Okwalinga alias TVO was approached by a beautiful lady who suggested a meeting.

TVO expressed willingness to meet the girl at Fang Fang Hotel in Kampala.

“When we made an appointment at Fang Fang, I put the place on survaillance and she came,” recalls TVO.

“And I told her the dress she had and the people who appeared to be with her and how they were dressed,” he added.

Unknown to the girl, whose identity TVO said should be kept a secret, he was already monitoring the place.

TVO wanted to be sure that the girl was not on a mission to nail him.

TVO had made a mark as one the harshest critics of the state, attacking the First Family from all corners.

He knew the consequences of being captured by the State.

When the girl arrived at the venue, TVO says he spotted an intelligence official in the vicinity.

“Funny I knew one of them who works with state house counter intelligence,” says TVO in an exclusive interview we held with him this week.

“She tried to trap me and I trapped her back,” he boasts.

TVO’s popularity soared during the ‘Kale leaks’ as secretly recorded audio tapes of Gen Kale Kayihura leaked to the public.

In the tapes first released by TVO, Kayihura was heard conniving with opposition leaders to undermine their own party structures.

The tapes went viral, bolstering TVO’s Facebook numbers and brand.

But a senior intelligence officer who insists TVO is Robert Shaka, says the tapes were simply leaked to TVO.

“I had those tapes long before TVO released them,” the officer observes.

“He doesn’t have the so-called classified intelligence.”

TVO says the lady he met at Fang Fang had seduced him with her pictures.

“I programmed my system and called her in one hour with 77 calls. Each call with its number and none of those numbers exist,” he tells ChimpReports.

TVO chose not to meet the suspicious lady.

“She got stuck. She was a regime agent and even sent me nudes to seduce me,” he adds.

Security services have for long tried to nail Okwalinga in vain.

But an intelligence source said “TVO is Shaka. No one is looking for him. We all know him.”

Interestingly, despite arresting and charging Shaka as the handler of the TVO Facebook account, the state could not prove it were him. The case collapsed due to lack of compelling evidence.

So how would the state be convinced that Shaka was TVO but couldn’t prove it in courts of law?

Many say security lack the technical expertise to bust secret IP addresses of such cyber fugitives.

Experts say the state would have succeeded in getting TVO if they could prove that Shaka’s IP address originates the TVO Facebook posts. This remains almost impossible unless the state get confirmation from Facebook headquarters.

The case filed by lawyer Fred Muwema at the Court of Appeal in Ireland would be helpful but Facebook has to put up a firm defence to avoid a precedent where it could be ordered anytime to release users’ confidential information.

I am not Shaka

TVO insists he is not Shaka.

“By persecuting Shaka in a registered magazine and putting his life in danger, he (Andrew Mwenda) has violated US and EU laws and am told the U.S. Embassy is mooting revoking his Visa,” says TVO.

We could not independently verify this claim. But it’s also widely believed in security circles that TVO used a secure server at the U.S. Mission in Kampala to publish his Facebook posts.

Asked why he was in a war with Andrew Mwenda, TVO does not mince words.

“I think he was hurt when a top secret on how he broke up with a U.S. guy leaked,” says TVO.

When TVO alleged that Mwenda was gay, the journalist posted pictures of his girlfriend Fifi.

Private life

TVO was unusually willing to reveal unknown details about his private life including age.

“I am the only child and my father was a police officer,” said TVO.

“I attended a school in Bugisu, one in Wakiso then Makerere University.”

TVO has repeatedly maintained he was at Makerere at a time when Sarah Kagingo was the Guild President.

He must have been a mature!

“I was born in a barracks in Busoga but originally Amuria,” says TVO.

He says his mother is a “Musoga.”

TVO says at the age of 43, he jogs a lot to remain healthy and fit.

“My father used to jog and he took me along. I became adapted,” he observes.

Asked to explain his source of livelihood, TVO responds quickly: “I do business and I am a landlord to 20 people.”

He does not tell us where his building/apartments are located.

If confirmed, this means some of you who are still renting could be tenants of TVO.

Regarding his love life, TVO says he is not married “but I have a daughter who just turned 5.”


Many have been wondering whether TVO is not part of the intelligence apparatus.

Where the hell in this world would one derive confidence to post such nasty stuff about the First Family and top military brass?

Could this be a state ploy to identify internal saboteurs leaking information to outsiders?

If so, it would be a classic case of reverse psychology in intelligence gathering.

Some of the harshest critics and opposition figures have since turned out as regime informers and allies.

But TVO posts are too damaging to the State officials.

Multiple sources we talked to say the Ugandan public is so forgetful.

TVO started his so-called anti-corruption crusade by attacking Amama Mbabazi whom many knew would stand for president.

Rarely did TVO severely attack Museveni until long after Mbabazi was exposed.

Asked what motivated his works, TVO responded:

“The love for my country.”

Is TVO a patriot?

Many look at him as a source of uncensored news about the internal works of the state.

“I have close people who sacrificed their lives to bring a democratic dispensation and it was Museveni who convinced them and he turned around and became the opposite of what he was preaching and I decided to take his regime on,” says TVO.

He doesn’t identify the departed NRA combatants/supporters that helped Museveni to take power in 1986.

TVO boasts of having eluded many traps set by the State.

“You know I am not after money or fame,” says TVO, adding, “That’s why I can’t be blackmailed or betrayed.”

“If I were some greedy person like Mwenda, I would have been history a long time ago,” says TVO.

He alleges Mwenda wants to con President Museveni by promising to unmask TVO.

So we asked TVO: “How does he want to defraud Museveni? Secondly, is it true you unknowingly sent an email to some hackers who busted your identity as alleged by Mwenda?”

TVO had this to say: “He deceives Museveni that he has unmasked TVO because he wants payment for that.”

Mwenda has since described his actions against TVO as a war against cyber bullies and extremists.

But TVO believes Mwenda is not telling the whole truth.

“First he (Mwenda) says Shaka contacted the hackers and I am not Shaka. Secondly, that is a fake and imaginary story when you look at it logically,” he adds.

“According to the description of Shaka I doubt he can contact such people,” says TVO, adding, “it looks like a fairy tale… I am not Shaka and in fact I only know Shaka through Facebook.”

He says even “Kayihura knows 100 percent that Shaka is not TVO. They are just stuck with him.”


He further states some time ago he was approached by an Irish Publisher offering substantial sums of money for a book on his life.

“I was contacted by an Irish publisher through my inbox for a book deal and I turned it down,” he reveals.

Why was he suspicious?

He responds: “Not suspicious as such but my take is that I have a forum where I reach my audience and the book would only make people think I am after money.”

According to TVO, the huge sum of money is still on the table if he takes the offer!

In his conclusive remarks, TVO says he is an inspiration to many young people.

“Me and other activists have inspired many young people to stand up and be counted in confronting the dictatorship,” says TVO.

How does he know?

“I see the way they criticise the regime without fears,” says TVO, adding, “The Tunisian revolution started with social media activism and that is my goal.”

We probed TVO’s views on Uganda’s divided opposition.

This was his response: “The opposition has been compromised and you cannot talk of UPC or DP anymore. Even the FDC is infiltrated and now has two clear factions.”

TVO goes ahead to claim that “Only the people can bring change; the opposition is a discredited entity.”

On government promises of a middle income status come 2020, TVO argues, “There can never be middle income status when most of the resources like oil are already mismanaged, when unemployment is getting more and more, when businesses owned by locals are collapsing at a fast rate, when exports are dwindling.”

TVO says his “favorite team is Arsenal and locally is Onduparaka FC.”

As we conclude the interview, TVO is keen on assuring his fans that he will never be busted.

“I can assure you one thing…Nobody can ever unmask me,” he says in a confident tone.

“It is just impossible. I made it impossible the first day I opened this account.”


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