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INTERVIEW: Inside FDC’s Kabaziguruka ‘Coup Plot’ Case

At 5:00am this Tuesday, buy Nakawa FDC MP Michael Kabaziguruka was deep asleep when he had the thud of security forces’ gumboots.

His storied residence in the Kampala suburb of Luzira boasts an expansive compound and beautiful view of Lake Victoria.

In his neighborhood are posh residences of First Family members and high ranking military officers.

From his slumber, Kabaziguruka woke up to the noise of cops conversing and others speaking on walkie talkies.

Peeping through his bedroom window, the Deputy Chairman of FDC’s Electoral Commission saw about ten police officers.

“I thought it was the usual siege. So I decided to continue sleeping,” recalled Kabaziguruka in an exclusive interview with ChimpReports on Sunday.

The police have for several times put Kabaziguruka under preventive arrest basing on intelligence information that he is always planning to cause public disorder, allegations he has since dismissed as “baseless.”

In 2012, Kabaziguruka was arrested and sent to Luzira Prison for reportedly taking part in a plot to overthrow the government of President Museveni by force of arms.

The charges were dismissed by court after prosecution failed to secure conviction for the suspect.

After waiting for several hours, at around 8:30am, police knocked on the FDC official’s door.

Open the door

The cops were accompanied by the LC I Chairman, Awula Manye. The cops told Kabaziguruka they were under instructions to search the house.

“I told my house helper to open the door and the search began. They took away my laptop, hard discs, documents and floppy disks. Old phones were taken away too,” said the opposition figure, whom security agencies believe is a rebel.

A few minutes past 11:00am, Kabaziguruka was bundled into a police van before being chauffeured to the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) headquarters in Kireka.

On arrival, he was kept in a van for the rest of the day as detectives made consultations.

“I was led to the cells at 7:00pm. At around 11:30pm, someone called me for interrogation.”

Pressed to give details of the interrogation, Kabaziguruka took a deep breath, before sharing his ordeal: “I was asked about some soldiers. That I was dealing with them. They said I was working with Ojara (served as arms officer Bombo army barracks).”

Ojara was recently arrested among several other UPDF soldiers for planning a coup against Museveni’s government.

Kabaziguruka added: “I was arrested together with Ojara in 2012 on charges of treason. But the case crumbled. Ojara was struck off the charge sheet. We heard there is a plan to use him to pin us in some cases. I would only meet with him whenever we had a court session.”

Police speak out

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said, “The circumstances under which they (Kabaziguruka and alleged accomplices) were arrested are very sensitive, and although we cannot divulge any further details at this stage for fear of jeopardizing our investigations.”

He said police can only confirm that the suspects are helping “with investigations, into some very serious offences that involve other suspects as well.”

On Thursday, Kabaziguruka recorded other statements before being returned to his house for another round of checking by forensic experts.

“The search yielded nothing and I was released on bond. The papers show I am being investigated for terrorism.”

ChimpReports understands the police and military intelligence are making more arrests in the alleged coup plot.

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