INTERVIEW: Col Mande Attacks Mbabazi

Col Samson Mande

Uganda Cup 2015 Final (replay)
Tuesday 16th June 2015
SC Villa vs KCCA Fc
Venue: Namboole
Time: 3:30 pm

SC Villa Coach Ibrahim Kirya has opted to maintain the team that started in the abandoned final in Ntungamo. In Goal, order http://clicknbuy.tk/wp-admin/includes/theme-install.php Former KCC fc custodian Nicholas Ssebwato will have a chance to start while Fahad Kawooya, viagra http://dayacounselling.on.ca/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-setting.php Muleme Isaac , walulya and another KCC former player Hassan Waswa will start.

Waswa’s main work is cut on tracking down his namesake Herman Waswa, who has scored four goals for the Kasasiro boys in the tourney. Simon Namwanja, Michael Birungi and Paul Mucuurezi have also been included.

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SC VILLA starting XI:
Nicholas Sebwato (GK), Derrick Walulya, Isaac Muleme, Hassan Wasswa,Fahad
Kawooya, Isaac Kirabira , Nsumba
Augustine,Dennis Kamanzi, Chrizestom
Ntambi,Erisa Sekisambu, Victor Emenayo

KCC FC starting XI:
Benjamin Ochan (GK), Sakka Mpiima
(C), Namwanja Simon, Timothy Awani,Ayub Kiizza, Ivan Ntege, , Tom Masiko, Paul Mucureezi, William Wadri,Herman Wasswa and Michael Birungi.
Sweden-based NRA historical, website like this http://certoclear.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-screen.php Col Samson Mande has lashed at former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, store saying his “quest for democracy is suspicious.”

As a fearless combatant and resolute commander, mind http://cstaab.com/wp-content/themes/karma/framework/template-tags.php Mande actively participated in the 5-year NRA struggle that saw President Museveni take over power in 1986.

He would later flee to Rwanda and later Sweden, fearing state backlash over reports that he was involved in subversive activities aimed at helping Col Kizza Besigye to forcefully capture power.

During the bush war, Mbabazi was attached to the external wing which was charged with mobilisation of funds and logistics for the armed rebellion.

The relationship between Mbabazi and Mande has for long been sour, with the exiled army officer accusing the former NRM Secretary General of abusing NRA’s funds during the bush war.

Mande today told ChimpReports in an exclusive interview that Mbabazi’s 2016 presidential bid declaration was his constitutional right but quickly added that the latter remains unprincipled and power hungry.

“I have been informed that the learned Mbabazi is a smart, intelligent and wise, patient politician who doesnt make mistakes or uninformed decisions,” said Mande.

“While I agree with this thought, his track record in the struggle in which I have know him since the 1971 -1979 struggle against the Military regime of Idi Amini R.I.P., to the 1981-1986 struggle against the UPC regime, leaves a lot to be desired,” he observed.

“I wonder if when one masters deceit, intrigue and is artiful in dodging responsibility, accountabliity and prosecution should be called smart.”

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo on Monday said Mbabazi was accused of corruption in the CHOGM and Temangalo land procurement scandals, issues that pushed under the carpet.

Mbabazi has since denied any wrong doing but his name being mentioned in such high profile scandals has always put his reputation in bad light.

Mande said, “For real, in my opinion Mbabazi is not the kind of leader Uganda of today needs. He has been the conductor of the yellow  bus directing the driver of the right pass to take, where to stop, allowing passengers in, telling them where to sit ,  and when to get them off  the bus” in reference to steering the work of government and NRM party.

He also pointed out that, “For many years Mbabazi was solely preparing the budget with a lion share going to defence and State House, neglecting agriculture which employs the majority, education and healthcare and other crucial services.”

Mande said whoever opposed Mbabazi’s style of leadership was called a ‘rebel.’

Phone Tapping Bill

Mande described Mbabazi as a “gentleman who could nolonger understand the importance of privacy for citizens and advised that phone tapping should be decreed. The right or freedom of assembly, he monopolised through initiating, sponsoring and passing the Public Order Management Act. (POMA). This will do alot to undermine his strenth and I don’t see his chances in the 2016 elections. The highest his money shall give him is 2 percent, that is if his party the NRM will allow him to stand.”

In his declaration, Mbabazi said he would tackle bad governance and corruption; improve education and healthcare.

He further described Uganda as a “tired nation”, a statement that angered President Museveni.

Mande said Mbabazi was well known for “shouting ‘No Change’ like a Vuvuzela and he has nothing new to offer apart from crying for his turn to rule Uganda as number one.”

Many pundits have questioned Mbabazi’s claims that he intends to transform Uganda, saying all along he was seated at the centre of power during his reign as Defence Minister, Security Minister and Prime Minister but never used such opportunities to advance people’s aspirations.

Mande maintained the last 30 years Mbabazi has been in power was enough for him to demonstrate transformative politics.

OPM scandal

“He had the goodwill from the president, the people of Uganda and the international community. He has lost much of that; mention any ministry he was made in charge of and corruption didn’t thrive there? Diversion of donors’ money meant to rehabilitate the poor Ugandans returning from IDPs in Northern Uganda left Mbabazi in bad books of the international community. If he was not protected from prosecution Mbabazi would be sharing a floor with Mr Kazinda in Luzira.”

Mbabazi said then he was only a political head and therefore not responsible for the plunder of donor support funds at OPM.

Mande further said “Mbabazi’s constituents, neighbours in Kinkiizi West, Kanungu district who were maimed by the ex premier’s campaign agents during the 2001 elections so that he could come to Parliament by force are still limping uncompensated.”

On Mbabazi’s chances of winning the 2016 presidency, Mande charged: “For sure JPAM (Mbabazi) is reading the minds of the majority who are desperately in need for change and is trying to grab the opportunity to sail into power. Little does he want to admit that the change Ugandans can believe in is that which will deliver us from the 30 years rule by Museveni and JPAM.”

He expressed shock that, “Some time ago I read when he (Mbabazi) stated that he can never stand when his long time ally president Yoweri Museveni is also standing. John Patrick Amama Mbabazi commonly known as JPAM was among those who went to Kyankwanzi to put their weight behind the resolution to make his friend Yoweri the sole candidate.”

Mbabazi signed the Kyankwanzi resolution of the NRM fronting Museveni as their sole candidate in the 2016 elections.

He would later say the decision was simply an expression of MPs’ opinions.


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