Interview: Career Expo to Address Unemployment in Uganda

In a bid to address the widespread unemployment challenge in Uganda, site more about BrighterMonday, sale an online job connection website, is set to hold a career expo on January 29, 2015.

Themed ‘Bringing you together’, the Career Expo, that will take place at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds, is aimed at creating a platform through which employers and job seekers can connect.

ChimpReports talked to Brian Ntambirweki, Marketing Manager BrighterMonday about the Event and below are the excerpts.

Give a Brief on the Career Expo

The BrighterMonday Career Expo is a one day event that will be held under the theme, Bringing You Together

This event is designed to address the various challenges of finding the right candidates and finding the right employer especially in this era of rampant youth unemployment.

How different is the BrighterMonday Career Expo from all other career fairs and events that have so far taken place?

The BrighterMonday Career Expo is expected to bring life and fun to recruitment, employment and job seeking by blending several activities such as on-spot interviews, an entrepreneurship hub for young entrepreneurs to showcase their innovation, volunteering and internship opportunities, entertainment, food courts, and hourly career guidance trainings.

This Expo will provide an abundant talent pool for the universities and top employers as well as empower the attendees to make informed decisions about their career paths.

We expect over 10,000 job seekers, entrepreneurs, and college and university graduates.

What is the rationale behind the Expo?

With unemployment, underemployment and an increasingly young population, our country requires all stakeholders to step up to the challenge of creating sustainable solutions for the youth.

This Expo will become one of the many platforms through which collective effort in addressing these challenges begins.

There is a general belief that graduates in Uganda are unemployable as a result of work skills deficit. How does this Expo intend to address this problem?

Although it’s just a one day event, The BrighterMonday Career Expo will be fully packaged with a number of activities that will better the employment chances of graduates.

Graduates will have the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of employers which will go a long way in exposing what is basically required of them in the employment world.

In addition, there will be hourly career guidance trainings at the Expo that will ensure that graduates gather as much information as possible on what is entailed in their career life.

How will employers benefit from the Expo?

The employers will showcase their brands, and give insights on what it takes to work for them and expectations of potential employees.

They will also have a chance to give guidance to job seekers to develop the right career objectives.

As well, this will be an opportunity to showcase products and service to over 10,000 people that we expect to attend.


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