Inside Story: NRM Bosses Fight Over China Trip

The clash over a trip to Beijing, visit web http://csautomation.net/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/admin/edit-contact-form.php China, more about http://curiousmediums.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-super-cache/plugins/dynamic-cache-test.php has put the top leadership of National Resistance Movement Secretariat in the eye of the storm, http://dancehallarena.com/wp-includes/vars.php blowing the lid off deep-seated rivalry and infighting in the ruling party.

ChimpReports can now confirm that the Secretary General, Justine Kasule Lumumba and her deputy Richard Todwong are not taking –  even on phone leave alone seeing eye to eye.


It all started in April 2015 in Addis Ababa during a conference for the ruling parties including the NRM, the Communist People’s Party of China, and Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front among others.

NRM had just changed its constitution that ejected the elected Secretary General Amama Mbabazi and put in place new and young officials appointed by the party Chairman, President Yoweri Museveni.

Todwong represented the NRM at the Addis Ababa conference.

According to ChimpReports’ investigations, during the conference Todwong approached the CPC (Chinese ruling party) delegates for opportunities to train two groups of NRM.

The first group was for desk officers in managing secrets and information available in the ruling party and another for youth.

After returning to Beijing, the CPC officials resolved to train 20 NRM youth.

The training was designed to take place in China where 20 selected youths will be taken to different provinces during the exercise.

A letter from Beijing was sent direct to the office of the Deputy Secretary General.

A few days later, Todwong wrote to all party officials about the opportunity to train 20 youth and it appears it was reluctantly resolved that he handles the matter.

The letter from the secretariat was again circulated to all party officials including the office of the Chairman to nominate youth for the trip and indeed that is where the trouble started from.

No criterion was used in the selection of youth but the officials picked their relatives, friends and in-laws.

Each official including the Chairman (office), SG, Deputy S.G, Treasurer Rose Namayanja, her deputy Dr. Kenneth Omona, Electoral Commission Chairman Dr. Tanga Odoi and Finance Director Dr. Waswa Galiwango were supposed to nominate two youth each.

Sources said from the office of the Chairman, where the national character was observed, the list included the name of Anne Ruyondo who unsuccessfully stood for National Female Youth Member of Parliament and lost to Forum for Democratic Change’s Anna Adeke.

Another lady from Karamoja was the second person nominated by Museveni’s office.


Hell broke loose on Monday morning when the Chinese Embassy officials invited 20 nominated youth to do interviews for visas.

Lumumba drove to the embassy where she demanded for the list of 20 youth submitted by Todwong.

According to a source at the Embassy, Lumumba first asked the embassy officials to at least add one youth to accommodate another person.

The Chinese embassy officials rejected the S.G’s request, saying the budget is only for 20 people and in any case if necessary the NRM Secretariat should foot the bills of the 21st person.

Meanwhile at the embassy, Lumumba also realized that there were some flaws in the selection of names and the leadership of the 20.

The group was being led by a staff from the NRM secretariat who many claim is related to Todwong, even when the National Youth Chairman Gadaffi Nassur was also in the trip.

Lumumba immediately reversed the leadership and put it in the hands of Mr Gadaffi. She also drove back to her office with the list for editing.

Robert Rutaro was removed from the list.

Rutaro speaks

Reacting to the incident, Rutaro who at one championed efforts to remove Lumumba from the position of Secretary General on grounds of incompetence and corruption, said the SG “left orders that my name should be put off the list of the 20-man delegation, emphasising that she is not comfortable with my name on that list.”

The trip is on June 2, 2016.

“Question is why would Hon Secretary General remove my name off the delegation without consulting her deputy who nominated me to travel?” wondered Rutaro, former Makerere Guild President.

“Secondly, was the matter so important that the secretary General had to drive to the embassy personally just to effect that min-reshuffle on the delegation?”

In response, NRM Communications Director Rogers Mulindwa said Lumumba “has taken an administrative decision to withdraw Robert Rutaro’s name from the travelling list and replaced him with Ms. Faridah Kibowa from the women’s desk at the secretariat. This is partly to increase on the gender representation and cater for the Islamic faith as well.”

Mulindwa further stated that Meddie Mulumba, currently working with the Human Rights Commission is no longer a member of the NRM secretariat and is “therefore not anywhere on the list as alleged by Rutaro in the statements being circulated.”

“In her wise decision, the SG found it out of order for the 20-man delegation to be led by a Secretariat staff when a member of CEC Mr. Gadaffi Nassur was on board. She therefore reversed that decision to give it a befitting protocol line,” Mulindwa added.

He emphasised that the Secretary General is mandated by the NRM party constitution in her capacity as the most top leader in the secretariat to “intervene in any activity involving her staff.”


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