INSIDE STORY: How Nsereko was Kicked out of State House

MP Mohammed Nsereko was ejected from a meeting at State House Entebbe

There was drama at State House Entebbe on Sunday when Kampala Central Member of Parliament Mohamed Nsereko was humiliated and thrown out of meeting for the newly elected and re-elected Members of Parliament.

ChimpReports has learnt that prior to the convergence of MPs, help a special Central Executive Committee meeting of the National Resistance Movement had been convened a day before.

The Saturday’s meeting of the NRM’s highest administrative organ revisited and deliberated on the election of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the 10th Parliament that begins swearing in of new members today.

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The meeting realized that the position of the Speaker that was decided by the same CEC and endorsed by the Caucus to be maintained by the incumbent Rebecca Kadaga, buy is safe and whoever the opposition is going to front will not manage even 50 votes against her.

The challenge was however discovered in the Deputy Speaker’s race whereby the incumbent Jacob Oulanyah is facing Nsereko.

Oulanyah wanted to be Speaker but was requested by the party leadership to abandon it for Kadaga.

According to sources who attended the meeting, President Yoweri Museveni feels indebted to Oulanyah since he was the one who convinced him to step down from the Speaker’s race.

The President now wants Oulanyah to face no competition and has been trying his best to convince Nsereko to step down.

In a meeting with Museveni over a week ago Nsereko had reportedly agreed to quit.

So when Museveni asked him to tell the Caucus members his decision he did the opposite which angered the president.

“Fellow honourable colleagues I have honourably and respectfully disagreed with the president on the position of Deputy Speaker. I am going to stand and ready to win,” Nsereko reportedly said.

The president had first briefed the Caucus about the Saturday’s CEC sitting that maintained Kadaga and Oulanyah for Speaker and Deputy Speaker respectively.


Museveni was earlier referring to Nsereko as his “son” but as soon as the youthful MP infuriated the president he started calling him “you man.”

A source recounted: “It was clear that Nsereko had agreed a different thing with the president. He however again disagreed with the president in front of everyone forcing him (Museveni) to eject him out of the meeting.”

The ushers and the SFC guards were hastily ordered by the president to quickly get Nsereko out of the meeting room.

Many MPs thought Nsereko was going to be detained.

Meanwhile during the Saturday CEC meeting, NRM bosses had wondered where Nsereko was getting money he was using to buy support from the MPs.

Nsereko is reportedly giving Shs 500,000 cash to each MP in every single meeting for campaigns.

Nsereko’s rising political might was linked to Speaker Rebecca Kadaga and one of them was tasked to explain her position.

Kadaga reportedly told the Caucus that Oulanyah had “abused me so much.”

ChimpReports understands a staggering Shs 4bn originating from the Middle East was recently blocked by the security on suspicion of belonging to the Kampala Central Legislator.


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