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Inside Story: Armed ‘Cop Slayer’ Killed in Gunfire 

Between March and May 206, ampoule the Police Crime Intelligence Director, order Joel Aguma commanded an intense investigation into acts of aggravated robbery, physician murders and mobile money thefts that had rocked the country.

Police officers were being slain and their weapons robbed. Businessmen had their shops raided and money looted.

The robberies and murders were common in the central region, sending shivers down the spine of many a Ugandan.

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Supported by the Kampala Metropolitan Police (North), Aguma’s team analysed the various robberies in terms of modus operandi, escape routes, type of victims targeted and timing.

Investigators would later obtain important clues that led to doorstep of Cpl Kenneth Tindimwebwa who was attached to Nakasongola Military Barracks.

Cops failed to trace Tindimwebwa hence tracking down his wife, Mariam Nambi.

On July 15, 2015, Nambi was put into police custody.

Time check was 5:00pm at Maganjo “B” Village/Parish, Nabweru Sub-county, Wakiso District.

According to police publicist, Fred Enanga, the woman was found in possession of a mobile phone belonging to the late CPL Hussein Sewaka, the former OC Kankizi Police Post, who was shot dead on January 16, 2016 at around 10:00pm.

“Nambi led the team to her husband, CPL Tindimwebwa Kenneth, attached to Nakasongola Military Barracks, after she revealed how he gave the mobile phone to her,” said Enanga in a statement to ChimpReports on Thursday.

In the course of arrest, Enanga said the suspect attempted to draw a gun he had concealed and fight his way out, but was shot at the right leg and disabled.

“He was transferred to Mulago National Referral Hospital but succumbed to the bullet wound injuries on Tuesday,” said Enanga.

“The police recovered an SMG AK 47 No. 49003377 IGA SOME-P1-A3-6063 with a cut butt and shortened muzzle that he was carrying in a laptop bag, with 73 rounds of ammunitions.”

Ibra Mbabali Sande, a bodaboda operator suspected of being the deceased’s accomplice was also put into custody.

Detectives told this website that Tindimweba’s defeat was a big step forward in fighting armed criminality in the country.


Police went ahead on July 16 to conduct a search at his home in Maganjo “B” village where a staggering 615 bullets were recovered, bringing the total rounds of ammunitions to 688.

Other recovered items included; airtime suspected robbed from various victims (worth Shs 420,000 for MTN, and Shs 5000 for K2), 9 phones, 22 mobile phone batteries, a number plate under registration UEG 729N, an ID for SPLM, and another ID that belonged to the late Juliet Nagawa of Mukono.

Another search was also conducted at the home of Mbabaali where 5 bullets and an assortment of housebreaking implements was recovered.

Enanga revealed that a total of 16 people from Luwero, Nangabo, Mukono and Makindye fell victim to the operations of the deceased and his associates.

“On March 2, 2016, it is alleged; they robbed, Mitaka Sebuwufu, of his cash and phone, and killed his wife Margaret Nakafero. And on January 16, they allegedly killed Cpl Hussein Sewaka, attached to Luweero Police station and robbed a phone of Mulindwa of Butuntumula village, Luweero District,” said Enanga.

“On the July 15, in Nabuti, Mukono, they allegedly killed a mobile money agent, Juliet Nagawa Juliet and robbed her of Shs 7m plus a mobile phone.”

Deeper probe

The police publicist said investigations are underway to establish more suspects including Ali Kalanzi, a bodaboda operator and expose their network.

“We want to assure the public that we will do everything possible within the law, to stop those who seek to benefit from criminality,” said Enanga.

Cases of break-ins, murder and robberies have been on the rise in recent years. Many have attributed this situation to the poor performance of the economy and high rates of youth unemployment.

Police have argued that the judiciary’s consistent release of known criminals on bail has exacerbated the terrible situation as the goons return to terrorise society.

Enanga urged the public to provide information in relation to the activities of the suspects for further action.


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