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Inside Rachael Mbabazi, Kateihwaho Children Custody Battle

Kateihwaho and Rachael Mbabazi during their old good days

The daughter of former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi quietly divorced her estranged husband in a court in Hoima, website like this hundreds of kilometers from Kampala.

Rachael Kiconco Mbabazi came to the limelight during Mbabazi’s preparatory meetings in Eastern Uganda where she was arrested by police.

It has now emerged three years ago, Racheal as she fondly called by her peers, travelled to Hoima where she applied for a decree nisi seeking divorce with Patrick Kateihwaho.

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A decree nisi is a document that says that court doesn’t see any reason why you can’t divorce.

If your husband or wife doesn’t agree to the divorce, you can still apply for a decree nisi.

However, you’ll have to go to a court hearing to discuss the case, where a judge will decide whether to grant you a decree nisi.

This development came to light this week during the hearing of Kateihwaho’s application seeking custody of their three children at Nakawa Court’s Family Division.

In her affidavit, Rachael said she was not aware of the existence of any legal marriage between her and Kateihwaho.

“The applicant and I are not husband and wife,” reads part of Rachael’s sworn affidavit.

“There were divorce proceedings carried out and a decree Nisi and decree absolute were granted, dissolving the marriage between the applicant (Kateihwaho) and the respondent (Rachael).”

She further stated that the divorce proceedings dealt with the custody of the children.

This revelation shocked Kateihwaho and his family members who were attending the court session.

Kateihwaho expressed shock that he was never served documents in regard to the alleged court proceedings.

“I just can’t believe it,” said Kateihwaho.

He informed court that claims of divorce were an insult to the Catholic faith in which his marriage was solemnized in May 25, 2006 in the Republic of Fiji Islands.


Kateihwaho maintains he has not seen his kids which were taken away from him by Rachael three years ago from their marital home in Ntinda.

“It is primitive for someone to hide children from their dad,” argued Kateihwaho.

Racheal said her decision to terminate the marriage was triggered by cases of domestic violence.

“Following the incidents of domestic violence meted on me by the applicant (Kateihwaho) and in order to protect myself and the children, I took them and left the matrimonial home,” said Rachael.

“I moved to Kansanga Heritage Zone where I stayed with my children for a period of two and  half years. Thereafter I moved to my own apartments located in Bbunga –Kawuku where I reside to date with my children,” she added.

She dismissed as “false” and “devoid of merit” claims that she resides in different places in and out of Uganda.”

The kids are currently studying from Gems Cambridge International School in Butabika, having been relocated from Green Hill Academy.


Rachael contends she failed to agree with Kateihwaho on the visitation schedule, adding the kids’ maintenance including welfare, school fees, food, clothing, and medical insurance became her sole responsibility.

“In January 2014, it was my turn to have the children for six months as the practice had been but this time the applicant refused to give them to me and said they would not leave his home. He eventually opened up and intimated to me that he was in full custody of which I disagreed with and told him that it is only court which can grant custody but not for the personal whims,” submitted Racheal.

“As the custody argument went on, I insisted on having the children since it was my turn. Subsequently, I went and picked them,” she added.

However, Kateihwaho said he has the potential to take care of the kids.

He also assured that his kids do not live with Rachael but their grandparents (Amama Mbabazi/Jacqueline Mbabazi) along Nyonyi Gardens in the leafy suburb of Kololo, Kampala.

Rachael denied the charge, saying the kids live with her in Bbunga-Kawuku which is her permanent place of abode.

The court case has exposed the feud in one of Uganda’s most powerful families. Mbabazi last year contested for president in an election he lost to his former ally, president Museveni.

Kateihwaho’s claims that Rachael was involved in an affair with another man could excite the public. Racheal vehemently denied the claim.


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