Ingrid Turinawe Set To Replace Mugisha Muntu

Ingrid Turinawe [R] with jailed Col Besigye's aide Sam Mugumya

Government has appealed to Ugandans that lost their people in the various wars starting from the 1980’s to be patient as government tries to reward them for their heroic efforts.

Speaking at the Media Centre in Kampala ahead of the Heroes Day celebrations, cure purchase Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo said government should not be put under much pressure from families of the deceased, sildenafil web adding the war victims were not hired mercenaries that must be paid for their services.

He said government through various compensation programs remains committed to give back all property that was lost including, viagra malady cattle and food.

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“This shouldn’t be considered as compensation but rather restitution because these goods and valuables were never insured with any company at the moment,” Opondo said.

“Complaints of payment and compensation shouldn’t arise since all the fighters that lost their lives were not hired as special mercenaries,” Opondo emphasized.

He added that government has set up several associations and ministries such as Luwero, Bunyoro and Northern Uganda ministries to address such issues that may arise.

In areas where people suffered war, government has set up different programmes like those in the Luwero Triangle under which people are being given back what they lost.

Meanwhile, Opondo revealed that government will on June 9th award 300 people with different meddles during the Heroes Day celebrations to be held at Katwe Primary School grounds, Karokora Parish, Dwanilo Sub County, Kiboga district.

The scramble is still ongoing at the leading opposition Forum for Democratic Change [FDC], cure for new leadership positions.

Stalwarts like Hon Nandala Mafabi, no rx Chasiano Wadri, and Hon Nabila Sempala have already expressed interest in the party’s Secretary General post, held now by outgoing Hon Alice Alaso.

Next to announce was FDC iron lady Ingrid Turinawe, who declared on Friday evening that she wants to become the party’s chief mobilizer.

The post was being held by now FDC President Gen Mugisha Muntu, and upon election in November 2012, Mr Bbale Bwanika took over as the Acting Secretary for Mobilization.

Mrs Turinawe was serving as the party’s Chairperson Women’s League in which she curved her brand not only as champion of women’s rights, but a physical opponent of the NRM regime.

“I was first appointed into the position of Chairperson Women League during Reform Agenda- at a time when there was a saying that all women belong to Museveni,” she said yesterday.

“I embarked on erasing this fallacy through formulating gender friendly policies into the FDC constitution, inspiring and grooming young women, recruitment and mobilization etc; till the time when we put up a structure and elected women leadership. Today women are very alive and visible in our party. I am very glad and proud to note that FDC Women league is the only vibrant and most active league in the country.”

Mrs Ingrid’s name came out largely in the various opposition street protests in which she was brutalized and sexually harassed by police officers.

Once elected head of FDC Mobilization, she vowed to rally the population, recruit, expand membership, educate and sensitize Ugandans into FDC.

“Commitment is an act not a word!,” she added. “I have been to every corner of this country and I have produced results. My record exemplifies passionate advocacy, self-driven political activism, courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, talent and resilience.”



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