Ingrid Speaks Out on Quitting EALA Race

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), visit web National Mobilizer Ingrid Turinawe has stressed that despite forces against her candidature for EALA, viagra she won’t step down until she is given clear reasons.

This follows a letter that was addressed to Parliament by the party president Gen. Mugisha Muntu communicating the party decision to withdraw their second candidate Mrs Turinawe from the race.

“The letter that is being talked of, approved I have also seen it on social media; I am still waiting for a copy up to now,” she told press at Parliament.

Turinawe said she was pleased by the second letter that came from the party president apologizing to the clerk of Parliament about a mistake made in the earlier letter.

The FDC iron lady emphasized that she is still in the race and that the party president might have been misled.

“I am a duly nominated candidate for this race by my party and if there is any reason that I should withdraw, I would be consulted and there would be a meeting. I would have to agree on that,” Ingrid noted.

On claims by the party whip, Ibrahim Semujju Nganda that the decision to have her withdrawn was taken by the party working committee which sat on Monday at the party headquarters, Ingrid responded that she was not aware of such a decision adding that in case it was true, the party will handle it soon.

“I have not attended any meeting that discussed such; the only last meeting I attended was that of the National Executive Committee (NEC) that made a decision to nominate both of us, so the meet that sat to withdraw me, I was not in it.”

“May be I will be informed if any decision was taken; I will be informed of the reasons why I should withdraw and we will agree but for now am still in the race.”

“If there is any issue that would necessitate my withdraw from the race, we shall agree over it and I shall come back to inform you after signing the letter together with my Secretary General but for now we haven’t reached any agreement over the matter.”


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