Ingrid Nominated for EALA Race, Vows to Regionalise Defiance

Ingrid Turinawe after being nominated

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) National Mobilizer, ampoule Ingrid Turinawe has Wednesday vowed to further the defiance campaign to the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) after being nominated to run for the party primaries.

Ingrid has been the 8th candidate to be nominated by the party and will run her campaigns under the slogan “Broadening the struggle for a one Uganda One People”.

“I have been nominated and am now in the race for defiance; my election will be a gift to defiance because it’s what I stand for and I will further it because I know  what it means, ” Ingrid told the media at Najjanankumbi after party nomination.

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Ingrid said that the people of East Africa must borrow a leaf from how ECOWAS was united against the former President of Gambia who they pushed out of power as a united force.

“We need to widen the struggle, we will no longer be fighting in Kampala but we are taking the struggle across borders,” Ingrid said.

“We have to educate the East African Community (EAC) telling every member country that we have a problem in Uganda which they must associate themselves with.”

She added that it is time East Africans to understand that there is no struggle that can be won single handedly and should therefore come together as East African countries to push for change in the region.

“My representation, struggle, debates, interactions, lobbying and advocacy within the East African Assembly will be a gift to Ugandans and to the defiance campaign.”


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