Inauguration of Central Busoga Diocese Re-scheduled

Bishop Naimanhye at his consecration on 24 January 2016 at Bugembe  stadium

11:20am: Dr Kizza Besigye leaves his Kasangati residence for prayers at All Saints Church, sales http://centroilponte.com/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/app/model/search.php Nakasero, information pills http://clubmedics.com/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-setting.php Kampala.

He is accompanied by Rev Augustine Magala of Namirembe Diocese and MP Apollo Katinti (Kyaddondo East).

The convoy is being escorted by police.


10:00am: A church leader has Sunday morning travelled to Kasangati, Wakiso District to pick opposition ironman Dr Kizza Besigye for what has been described as “special prayers.”

Despite police putting in place two roadblocks along Gayaza road which leads to Besigye’s residence, Augustine Magala of Namirembe Diocese managed to arrive at the politician’s tightly-guarded home.

If the cleric manages to extract Besigye from his residence, it would be seen as victory for the opposition who have in recent days called for an end of what authorities describe as a ‘preventive house arrest.’

While police boss Gen Kale Kayihura maintains Besigye is allowed to meet all forms of visitors, his lawyers led by David Mpanga were denied access to the Kasangati residence on Saturday afternoon.

The lawyers are thought to be preparing a petition challenging the outcome of the February 18 presidential election in the Supreme Court.

Mpanga Tweeted Saturday evening: I will not be acting for Kizza Besigye in a petition when he is under such a handicap.”

He added: “I do not think that Besigye has had a fair opportunity to prepare for a petition. This is very unfortunate for him and for the country.”

The lawyer emphasised that, “An aggrieved candidate has 10 days to prepare and lodge a presidential election petition. This is a very short time. Time runs out on Tuesday.”
By Andrew Nkwanga

The province of the church of Uganda has rescheduled the date for the consecration and enthronement of the pioneer Bishop for the inaugural Central Busoga Diocese.

According to the Bishop of Busoga Diocese, check http://dcointl.com/wp-includes/kses.php the mother for central Busoga and proposed East Busoga, Rt Rev Paul Samson Naimanhye, the first bishop of Central Busoga Diocese with headquarters at All Saints Church Iganga will be enthroned on November 6 2016 in Iganga.

“This therefore implies that we should expeditiously play our entire required role within the time frame including enabling the Electoral College to nominate the two candidates from whom a bishop will be elected at the right sitting of the house of Bishops,” he noted.

Bishop Naimanhye was on Saturday 27 February, 2016 chairing the forth special sitting of the 13 Diocesan council of Busoga Diocese at Christ’s Cathedral, Bugembe, stressing the need for all Christians to pray for the process of kick-starting Central Busoga diocese.

The Diocesan council was convened purposely to elect a diocesan chancellor to replace Prof Justin David Bakibinga who resigned late last year at the pick of the aborted nominations for candidates for Central Busoga Diocese.

A high court counsel Moses Wagira was unanimously appointed by the counsel as the Diocesan chancellor.

He will accordingly preside over the nominations of the candidates for Bishop of Central Busoga diocese as the chairman of the Electoral College.

There was also need to elect one member of the Electoral College replacing Rev Canon James Katalo, formerly the archdeacon of Kamuli who retired at the end of last year.

“We had to fill these missing gaps to open way for election of the inaugural bishop and according to the provincial secretary Rev Canon Amos Magezi, the two names of candidates for bishop must be submitted to the archbishop by the end of July”.

The consecration of central Busoga bishop was earlier scheduled for 1 November, 2015 but the two attempts by the electoral college to submit names for election of a bishop were rejected by the house Bishops, citing ‘technical errors’.

Andrew Mpaata, the head of laity in Busoga Diocese says Christians in the four political districts namely Namutumba, Kaliro, Luuka and Iganga that make central Busoga diocese are already anxious and eager to have their new diocese operate.

“Lord Bishop, it’s long overdue because we expected our bishop last year and now another full year is added, I pray we expedite the process and pray for the electoral college to avoid repeating errors,” Mr Mpaata submitted in the meeting.

Other three dioceses namely West Buganda, West Ankole and Bunyoro Kitala expect to get new bishops when the House of Bishops meet on 1 June 2016 At Uganda Christian University, Mukono.


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