I’m Not Liable for Brutal Actions of My Junior Officers – Former Wandegeya DPC

Nanoka(R)  after the court session (Photo by Kenneth Kazibwe)

Former Wandegeya DPC Moses Nanoka has denied any wrongdoing that led to brutalizing of Besigye supporters by police a few months ago.

Appearing before the police tribunal constituted to investigate and charge officers’ conduct during procession by Dr. Kizza Besigye after being granted bail on treason charge in July, buy information pills Nanoka in his defense said he acted as mandated by the Police Act.

“As DPC, I deployed 4 vehicles at different points with officers whom I had clearly given instructions on how to proceed. I can’t be held liable for indiscipline of specific personnel who didn’t follow my earlier orders,” Nanoka defended himself on Tuesday.

He said he had been instructed by the KMP operations commander James Ruhweza to be part of the operation and ensure he escorts Besigye to his home without interfering with business in the city centre which he says was done to the satisfaction of his bosses.

According to Nanoka, part of the convoy of 7 police vehicles were other senior commanders among others including  Jonathan Baloza, the personal assistant to the IGP, James Kaheebwa the PRC Kampala Metropolitan and Ruhweza plus military personnel.

“For each operation that police conducts, there are specific units involved with specific technical commanders supposed to give specific instructions to personnel on the ground on the use of force. I can’t be held liable on the behavior of subordinates who didn’t follow what the commanders had told them.”

He said that on several occasions he was moving out of the police patrol vehicle to speak to the crowds in a bid to ask them to leave the roads for proper flow of traffic.

Nanoka said the junior officers who beat Besigye supporters acted on their own and should be brought to answer charges.

“The video footage doesn’t anywhere depict me with a stick caning supporters. By the nature of my role on that day I was had to move in and out of the vehicle which I did. I never saw anyone beating supporters.”

Nanoka said as District Police Commanders, they had a role of moving out of the police patrol vehicles, run ahead and clear the roads for Besigye’s convoy to pass freely.

“I only watched the beating from the videos played by the media but I can confirm that I could not stand by and watch my countrymen being beaten who I swore to protect .I on that day worked hard to ensure Dr. Kizza Besigye returned home safely without obstructing the flow of traffic and in doing this I credited the image of the police force.”

The trial continues with other senior police commanders also set to defend themselves on brutalizing Besigye supporters.


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