I’m Going Home In July – Dr Kiyingi Tells Australian TV

Dr Aggrey Kiyingi is accused of running a clandestine rebel group in Uganda

Ugandan cardiologist Dr Agrey Kiyingi has told an Australian television that he is set to return to Uganda in July this year.

Kiyingi said nonetheless,  that he fears he could be killed instantly once he steps his foot in his home country,  out of which he has lived for more than 30 years.

Dr Kiyingi is wanted by the Ugandan government for alleged charges of terrorism. He was linked by the Inspector of Police Gen Kale Kayihura, to the recent spate of murders of Muslim clerics, as well as funding a rebel group the Allied Democratic Forces.

In 2005, Dr Kiyingi was accused of basing in Australia to organize the murder his first wife Robina, an outspoken lawyer and activist, but was tried acquitted of the charges. Government is reportedly trying to appeal the case and have the murder charges reinstated.

Court recently issued criminal summons on the surgeon, but he told the Australian Lateline Television that he was yet to receive the summons. He once again dismissed as rubbish, the murder and treason charges held against him.

Dr Kiyingi said he will be returning to take part in preparations for his 2016 presidential campaigns bid. He told the television that he has currently about 5 million supporters in Uganda.

According to Gen Kayihura, Uganda is talks with Sydney to have Dr Kiyingi extradited to answer to his charges.

But the surgeon told the television channel that he could not guarantee his safety once that happened.

One Joseph Kikonyogo, a lecturer at the University of Melbourne in the same country stressed that the Ugandan government, with her history of crushing opposition forces, must not be trusted with the safety of Dr Kiyingi.

He suggests that arrangements should be made to have him tried in Australia.

But Dr Kiyingi insisted he would still return home come July, and exercise his constitutional right to stand for presidency of his country.

“But if Mr. Museveni persists in trying to cut my head off; I can predict that there will be a peoples uprising,” he warmed.


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