IGG Irked By ‘Gross’ Fake Academic Documents In Local Gov’ts

Deputy IGG Mariam Fauzat Wagadya addressing the district leaders as RDC and district chairperson look on

Officials from the Inspectorate General of Government (IGG) have been irked by the unprecedented number of fake academic documents in local governments.

Deputy IGG Mariam Fauzat Wagadya disclosed yesterday that their investigations had shown that many local governments have employees possessing fake academic transcripts.

Wagadya made the revelation during an engagement meeting with Kabarole district heads of department and security at the district chambers in Kitumba on Wednesday.

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She said the team has been on the tour of the region from Mbarara, visit Ntungamo, Bushenyi, Bundibugyo Kyenjojo and Kabarole and findings indicate forgery of academic documents is rampant, with Bundibugyo and Kyenjojo leading in Mid-Western.

She noted that the civil servants with fake documents affect the communities more and it’s a form of injustice that denies some people opportunity to get employment.

In the IGG’s report for instance, it was found that one Bamuturaki, a health worker nearing retirement has been on government pay roll since 1993 using his brother’s academic documents.

Wagadya appealed to the technical staff to team up with her office and security to stamp out the vice of forgery.

The deputy IGG advised that the District Service Commission members vet the applicants, verify and confirm with their former schools if they went there.

She also instructed the Chief Administrative Officers to consider and budget for the vetting exercise for all job applicants.

But the Chairperson District Service Commission Kabarole Mr. Tom Rubale says they are in dilemma because the fake transcripts may at times be confusing.

Rubale noted that people for instance at Nasser Road in Kampala are so good at producing fakes that they can even produce passports.


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