iDROID Smart Watches to Hit Local Market

Africell Uganda has introduced a new call rate that goes as low as 0.5 shillings per second rate on their popular Tokota bundle, order setting a competitive range in the telecom industry.

The new rate follows the provider’s ‘king of the bundles’ launch recently that offers the cheapest and most affordable voice and data rates for their customers.

The telecom company has strongly put emphasis on the need for affordable call rates enhancing communication and business.

Other offers that Africell has previously offered its customers include; the popular Tokota 500 which gives the customer 15 minutes, salve Tokota 1, 000, free night calls from 12pm to 6:00am and other voice and data bundles that have been hailed as the cheapest in the market.

Africell Commercial Director Milad Khairallah notes that their offers will change the scope of mobile communications in Uganda.

“At Africell, we still consider our customers as our biggest asset and as such we will continue to give them the best and most affordable rates of any network. Our range of cheap services will continue to flow as we grow,” he said.

The half a shilling call rate is presently the cheapest call rate in the Uganda telecom industry considering that the other players’ rates are six times more at their average 3 shillings per second.

Officials said as a telecom, Africell endeavors to play their role in improving the economy especially in the agricultural and SME services industries where telephone services are crucial for sustainable development.

“We know people need easy access to telecommunications at an affordable rate to be able to transact business. That’s why we have the best rates and have the widest coverage. We believe in developing together with our customers,” said Milad.
High Court in Gulu has disqualified Hon Reagan Okumu from contesting next year for the Aswa Constituency parliamentary seat on the opposition Forum for Democratic Change ticket.

The court directed the Eng Badru Kiggundu’s Electoral Commission to cancel Okumu candidature and replace him with his contender Hon Christoper Acire.

Acire, viagra order who  was elected Gulu Municipality MP in 2011, [Upon hearing the Hon Norbert Mao was returning for the Municipality seat] decided not to defend his seat and opted for an easier Aswa County.

The FDC Vice President Hon Reagan Okumu like several other party flag bearers was not dully elected through the primaries as dictates the party constitution.

He was handpicked by the party leadership during an working committee and handed the party flag.

It was on this basis that his dissatisfied opponent Hon Acire petitioned the High Court and won the ruling to cancel out his candidacy.

In her Friday ruling, Justice Margaret Mutonyi cited Article 7 of the FDC constitution which stipulates that nomination of any candidate running for any office must follow the due process, which among others includes picking nomination forms, filling and returning them to the party registry.

She thus orders the opposition party to hand Hon Acire the party instruments, flag and colors to represent in the 2016 elections.

It is understood that Hon Okumu, who has represented the area for since 1996 is set to run on an independent ticket.

Ironically, the news of the disqualification of Hon Okumu were warmly welcomed by some of the FDC top members in Kampala.

The party’s former spokesperson Mr John Kikonyongo described this as a good lesson to the party leadership which unconstitutionally blocked certain members from partaking in next year’s election.

Mr Kikonyogo like Acire was recently barred by the party leadership from contesting for the Lubaga Mayorship post, in favor of the incumbent Hon Joyce Ssebyggwawo.

“I advised (the party president) Gen Muntu that they were making a cruel, insensitive, callous, unconstitutional, unlawful decision and they will pay dearly for it. They were dismissing me as a nobody. Before they taste the bitter soup from Kikonyogo they have tasted it by withdraw of FDC stamp and key from Hon Okumu by the court,” said Kikonyogo.

“Hon Okumu attended the very working Committee which awarded him the key and denied me and others our right to be voted for by our people. It smells bad. Court has declared the whole exercise unconstitutional.”

He added, “FDC is a good party with a good constitution but it was not followed the the partisan members who attended the Working Committee meeting. God is great. I told you you can’t fight the truth.”
The long-awaited iDROID smart watch is soon going to hit the Ugandan market. The ‘iDROID Wrist’ as is called is a very handy device compared to the large screen phones that dominate today’s market.

From the unique name, ask spectacular shape and the dial is surrounded by a metallic finish with soft rubber straps, this futuristic device should surely excite Ugandan lavish show offs.

According to iDROID, the smart watch is basically an Android device, but works with iOS devices as well.

iOS devices can send notifications from various social and work channels, like WhatsApp and Viber, directly to your iDROID Wrist.

The high quality speakers make the quality of calls exceptional and crystal clear. In addition to its rare features and functions, the smart watch has also been built to monitor one’s health using an inbuilt health pedometer which can gauge one’s calorie consumption.

The user’s exercise routine can be set accordingly leading towards a healthy life.

Martha Ahumuza, the Public Relations Officer for iDROID in Uganda told Chimpreports that the device will be priced at Ugshs. 299,000 once it is on the market.

With the device, you can hear music from Soundcloud and also play your saved playlists. It has a sleep monitor installed into it which monitors your sleep pattern and helps you to improve your sleep cycle.

The iDROID Wrist helps you attend calls while driving without using your hands or holding your big screen smart phone. It comes in four exciting colors to match your mood on any particular day – black, blue, yellow and red.

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