ICT Players Push for Laws to Counter Cyber Attacks

James Saaka the Executive Director National Information Technology Association Uganda (NITA-U) delivering the message of State Minister for ICT Hon. Aidah Nantaba during the conference on Tuesday

Stakeholders in the technology sector and government officials have pushed for the creation of a legal framework to curb cyber threats in the midst of increased internet usage in Uganda. They say that freedom of information can be hazardous for security especially if this information is accessed by wrong elements.

During the opening of the 5th Annual East Africa Information Security Conference, treatment Justice James Ogoola the former Principal Judge of the High Court stressed the need for government to strike a balance between right to access information and national security risks. The two day conference is organized by Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).

“Some sectors of government require secrecy and the same applies to corporate banking otherwise leaking such information causes disaster, ” Justice Ogoola said at Hotel Africana on Tuesday.

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He added that government must formulate a legal framework that restricts access to such sensitive information.

Making reference to Australian computer programmer Julian Assange and his controversial Wikileaks publications, Ogoola said; “Information is vital. Whoever has information against someone earns superiority. In modern times we have witnessed cyber breaches and leaking of sensitive state documents and conversations that led to diplomatic strife.”

Ogoola however noted that secrecy can also breed vices such as corruption citing African leaders who use Swiss Banks to launder money obtained illegally.

In her remarks, the State Minister of ICT Hon. Aidah Nantaba said that information security is critical in optimizing performance and effectiveness. The Minister’s message was delivered by James Saaka, the Executive Director National Information Technology Association Uganda (NITA-U).

“The internet has increased connectivity but at the same time, hackers with malicious intentions are on the rise. Government has come up with a number of interventions including the National Information Security Strategy to ensure cyber security,” she remarked.

Minister Nantaba hinted on the need to increase human resource capacity and professionals in the area of cyber security.

Speaking to journalists in the sidelines of the conference, Saaka said that NITA-U is in talks with government to establish whether Uganda needs to come up with a cyber-security law.


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