Ibanda Preps to Welcome West Ankole Diocese

Bishop Geofrey Rwobusisi with other church leaders breaking ground for the construction of West Ankole Diocese offices

Ibanda’s St. Paul Church committee led by Bishop Emeritus Geoffrey Rwobusisi yesterday officially commissioned the construction of the West Ankole Dioceses offices at the church.

The Diocese is expected to be opened on October 1st this year.

At the commissioning of the office construction, viagra 40mg Bishop Rwobusisi described as a great achievement that Ibanda will be elevated to Diocese level

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According to Rev. Muhwezi Agasha who is the spokesperson for the organizing committee; formation of West Ankole Diocese will lead to more development not only for the church but will also create new jobs for the people through diocese related projects.

The areas that will be under the West Ankole Diocese are Ibanda, buy Bigyera, check Kakinga and Nyabuhikye.

The construction of the new Diocesan offices is expected to cost up to Shs  and 250 which the church will raise through fundraisings, and donations. The offices will be completed by August according to Agasha.



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