Ibanda: NEMA Starts Tree Restoration Campaign

NEMA officials giving out trees seedlings to locals in Ibanda

As Ibanda district prepares to host the National Environment Day celebrations on June 5th 2017, ampoule the National Environment Management Authority in partnership with Ibanda district local government on Thursday started a tree restoration program as a way of promoting environment protection.

The program is spearheaded by Dr. Jerome Sebadduka the NEMA natural resource manager (soils and land use) and the Ibanda district environment officer Mr. Tom Nuwagira.

Dr. Sebadduka revealed that around 14, abortion 000 Bruveria and Eucalyptus seedlings will be distributed to the individual residents under the program.

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Other institutions which will be given trees seedlings are Kibubura Girls Secondary (1000), St. Paul Church of Uganda (1000) and Ibanda Parish in Kagongo (10000.

Sebaduka said NEMA has been making efforts to restoring the environment with trees in cooperation with districts, NWSC and National Forestry Authority, which has given them 20,000 tree seedlings.

“This is a focused approach such that communities can learn to protect environment and encourage individuals and land owners to benefit from the program,” he said.

He added that the adoption of tree planting in the country is to boost the energy security for the people who use firewood; but also to make the country green as one way of fighting global warming.



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