Ibanda: Museveni’s Jerrycan-Bottle Irrigation Praised

Allan Kato says the Jerrycan bottle irrigation system has saved his coffee farm

Residents in Kakinga, discount Ishongororo town council in the western are excited about the rudimentary irrigation method prescribed last year by President Yoweri Museveni, information pills which they say is cheap but effective.

The technique involves farmers hanging a perforated water bottle on top of each plant. The bottles can be refilled by fetching water in jerry cans from the nearest water point, this web hence its name ‘jerrycan and bottle irrigation.’

The irrigation method did not gain immediate popularity countrywide despite the president dedicating weeks to popularize it in the villages. It was also ridiculed by the urban based middle class as backward.

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But a few residents in Ibanda district have given it a try and say they are impressed.

One such is Allan Kato, a resident of Kakinga decided to try out the method to save his coffee plants during recent dry season in the area.

Mr Kato who runs a shop says the method is time saving and admits he could have lost his plants if it went for the jerry-can bottle technique

“The only trouble may be is getting those water bottles, this being a village, and most especially when the farm is big,” he said.

Mr Kato encouraged fellow farmers in the district to embrace the method and that they should not fear planting crops during the dry season.


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