Ibanda Man Commits Suicide Over Sex

The Deceased Nathan Mpabisi

Residents from Kyarukumba cell in Igorora town council, pharmacy   in Ibanda district woke up yesterday to the lifeless body of their neighbour hanging on a mango tree.

The Ibanda district officer in charge of criminal investigations Susan Tumugumye identified the deceased as 67 year old Nathan Mpabisi, viagra dosage who is believed to have taken his life after he was denied conjugal rights by his wife.

The widow Nakatte Halodiya says Mpabisi committed suicide after they had a quarrel.

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She said she accused him of being impotent, adding that they had gone over two years without family happiness.

 “Yesterday night he threatened to kill me and I run away and hid and he decided to take his own life,” she said.

Tumugumye the OCCID allowed burial proceedings after post mortem amid condemnation of the act.


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