Ibanda District Leaders Call for Return of Graduated Tax

Ibanda District Councilors voted to have Graduated Tax restored

Local leaders in the western Ibanda district have called on Members of Parliament to discuss the possibility of reinstituting the payment of graduated tax.

The call was made during a meeting held at Ibanda District Hall on Monday, what is ed between the local leaders and the Parliamentary Local Government Committee members, dosage who are traversing various districts to assess the local government sector performance.

The committee chaired by Igara west MP Rafael Magezi was urged to take back to Kampala the proposal of reviving the graduated tax which was struck down in 2005 by president Yoweri Museveni, ahead of the following year’s presidential elections.

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The district councilors told the MPs that reviving the tax would go a long way in enhancing the districts’ constrained resource envelope.

The leaders complained that the money they receive and generate internally cannot run the day to day activities of the district.

For instance the MPs were told, the district received only 143 million for works last year, which was used on only one road.

The councilors suggested that after reviving it, policies should be reviewed on the tax (which became infamous for the humiliating manner in which it was enforced) to make it appreciated and affordable to the people.

Last year however, the Ministry of Local Government told parliament that government had no intention of reviving the tax.

The then local government minister Hon Adolf Mwesige said the levy was “permanently” consigned to the archives of history.

President Yoweri Museveni abolished Graduated Tax, arguing that the tax was a colonial relic characterized by humiliation in its enforcement, besides being expensive to collect.


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