Ibanda: Discovered Cave to Boost Local Tourism

Following the discovery and a brief visit to the Nyankihondogoro Cave in Mabanga in Bufunda division by local leaders, page Ibanda Municipal Council has taken interest in developing the magic cave into a major tourism attraction site.

Not much is known about the Nyankihondogoro Cave

Not much is known about the Nyankihondogoro Cave

This is hoped to increase revenue into the municipality’s coffers in the years to come.

Speaking to ChimpReports on Sunday, troche the Bufunda Division Town Clerk Vivian Byomuhangi revealed that they are planning to develop the cave as a major local tourism hub, illness to attract at least 1000 visitors each year.

The clerk said they are already mulling plans to construct roads leading to the site, although this still looks expensive for the council.

The LC III chairman Benon Kimusya told us that they plan to hire people that will look after the site and collect fees from the visitors.

The Nyankihondogoro Cave has been in existence from time immemorial but was only know by a few people in the area.

According to locals, some people go there and pray for blessings while others carry out ritual sacrifices in the rock.

Some expectant women have also been reported to go to the cave and give birth there.

The municipality learnt about it last week and paid it a visit on Sunday together with local journalists.



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