Ibanda: Bar, Restaurant Workers to Work Only on Contract

Ibanda RDC Elliusto Akatuhebwa

The western Ibanda district leadership has issued a directive to restaurants and bar owners to start hiring workers after signing contracts with them.

The directive is aimed at countering the reported growing cases of maltreatment of workers and to provide better working conditions.

The resolution was arrived at during a meeting that was held at the Municipal Council Hall between stake holders and Ibanda Town Clerk Justine Barekye as well as the RDC Elliusto Akatuhebwa on Friday.

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Speaking to ChimpReports in his office after the meeting, medical the RDC revealed that he had been receiving complaints from workers especially women who work in the bars and hotels that they don’t get paid and yet they work night and day.

He said some of the workers told him that they were being forced by their employers to sleep with their customers.

He mentioned one bars implicated in these practices as De Green Bar, information pills whose workers have gone 5 months without pay.

“These young women are being treated like what we hear about Ugandans in Arab countries, shop ” he said.

The Municipal Clerk Justine Barekye revealed that bars and restaurants in Ibanda have been given a period of one month to register their workers and formalize their employment.


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