I Won’t Entertain Any Debate on 2016/17 Budget Cuts – Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni

As the attention  gradually turns to the 2016/17 National Budget, website like this President Yoweri Museveni has warned Parliament and other stakeholders not to waste time debating the proposed budget cuts on the various elements and sectors.

Museveni revealed today that there has been a 10% cut on every single budget element, to enable the funding of a few priorities that will help speed up the petroleum industry, so that the first oil comes out as promised in 2020.

The money set aside Museveni says will help in expanding and strengthening the transport infrastructure which will ease the transportation of majorly the parts of the oil pipeline from Tanzania and the equipment to be used in oil extraction as well as construction of the oil refinery.

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The President said during the celebrations to mark 31 years of the NRM government in Masindi that he doesn’t expect and will not tolerate any debate on these budget cuts.

“I don’t want any arguments on this. Normally you keep talking and talking and I keep quiet,” he said while addressing the crowd in Runyoro Kitara.

“But now the old man has come out, and when he does you don’t stand in his way; or he will be furious.”

Museveni explained that for years Uganda has lived on the mercies of other countries and organizations and that the discovered oil is an opportunity for the country to get out of this situation.

Listing a number of roads that are already under construction and those that will be worked on; the president stressed, “We must build these roads for our oil to come out.”

“This begging will stop. We shall now have an independent financial base of our own.”

Despite the global oil prices being low over the past year, Museveni noted that there is still more than USD 2Billion at least, of what he called “new money” that can be obtained from the oil sector.

“All that money that we have been borrowing and negotiating, all that nonsense will stop. Please everybody, let us get our oil out, and do everything possible to realize that.”

A recent debate on the released 2016 2017 Budget Framework has already highlighted a number of perceived misallocations, citing sectors that have perennially been starved such as the education agriculture and health sectors.

Some commentaries have for instance suggested that the Shs. 1.3 trillion that has been allocated to Security should be reduced; now that Uganda is no longer under serious foreign threat.


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