I Will Not Stop Preaching Integration – Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni addressing the regional youth leaders in Kampala yesterday

President Yoweri Museveni has urged the youths around the country not to confuse wealth and development, recipe noting that country can be developed without so much wealth.

This Museveni said can be achieved when the country and its leaders focus on the major principles of prosperity, this site security and unity, for instance through the East African regional integration.

“Integration is a very important instrument in enhancing the community and steering development. That is why we need COMESA, African Common Market and the East African Community which makes the markets bigger and strong enough to compete with the rest of the world”

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Museveni was yesterday speaking at the 5th Annual Convention of the Great Lakes youth leaders on at the International University of East Africa. He told the group that he will never get weary of preaching the gospel of integration because it is crucial.

“For example, Uganda exports its excess three million tonnes of maize to the EAC. Without that regional market, our maize industry would collapse,” he said.

“When you unite that means you are secure which ensures that there is a future and if you don’t you lose it like the Red Indians in the United States. But we are not like them even after being enslaved we still survived”

The Annual convention is organized by the students union and the young professional forum. It has been inexistence for 5 years and the President has been officiating at every one of them.

It is aimed at fostering stability in the Great Lakes Region, and empower youths to be great leaders of the nation”.


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