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“I Said It; Police Will Shoot Your Children” – Lumumba

Justine Kasule Lumumba

President Yoweri Museveni will this evening be participating in the second round of the Presidential Candidates Debate, more about http://conforms.com/wp-includes/deprecated.php his party has confirmed.

The earlier reservations expressed by the National Resistance Movement leadership about the debate organizers’ choice of moderators notwithstanding, generic http://cybermed.edu.my/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/modules/checkbox.php the party Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba confirmed this morning that Museveni will be at the Kampala Serena Conference Center for the Debate.

Asked on the Capital Gang talk show whether or not Museveni will be attending, Lumumba answered precisely, “Yes he will.”

Earlier this week, the NRM camp and expressed discomfort with one of the chosen moderators of the debate, US based veteran journalist Dr Shaka Ssali, who they accused of being anti-Museveni.

There were also concerns, raised by the public on Museveni’s comments after missing the first round of the debate; when he referred to it in vernacular as a school children’s “talking competition.”

On this matter, Mrs Lumumba clarified that the President was quoted out of context, noting that the NRM presidential candidate was only making a light comparison.

“The President said that the debate reminded him to the old time school debates. What is wrong when one says that something reminds him of what happened in the past?” she said.
The Secretary General of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba has come out and accepted comments attributed to her in the media that she said government was going to shoot and kill people involved in violence after next week’s general elections.

In an audio recording that was widely spread on social media, page http://clark-illustration.com/wp-includes/class-wp-theme.php Justine Lumumba is heard warning parents in the central region to restrain their children from joining in the purportedly planned  post-election violence, sildenafil noting that these would be risking their lives.

Lumumba made the warning in January in Nsangi, and while speaking at the commissioning of NRM flag bearers for Wakiso district.

The remarks caused widespread outrage, compelling the party secretariat to release a brief statement clarifying that the SG had been quoted out of context.

This morning however, Lumumba admitted that she made the remarks and that she would stand by them, to protect the innocent and misguided youths from being killed.

While appearing on the Capital Gang, a weekly radio talk show on Capital FM, Mrs Lumumba blamed the media for editing the recording and playing out only the alarming part.

She noted, “I told the parents who were there and those who weren’t; those in Kampala and Wakiso. I advised them to go and talk to their children. You know we have a habit these days as parents, we don’t give enough time to our children.”

“I told them that there was information that there are people talking to their children, telling them that after the voting day, they should go on the streets of Kampala; and are not even telling them what they should go and do on those streets.”

“When they get on the streets of Kampala, depending on what they are doing, they can be arrested, and the can be shot at. The state won’t look on when people are destabilizing peace.”

Added the Secretary General, “They (media) edited out the other options that I gave, and took only the point of shooting; but I told them that their children could be arrested, imprisoned or shot.”

Mrs Lumumba said she was unapologetic and that she would not retract her statement. She noted, “The media have amplified this but I personally don’t see anything wrong with it, unless someone is going to show it to me.”

“We should really learn to be open and tell people because I was a parent warning fellow parents. I also have teenagers. It is like when someone comes and warns you that there is a dangerous snake on the road you are taking and then you say this person placed the snake in road and came to warn me.”

On the radio talk show, the government spokesperson Mr Ofwono Opondo, vividly surprised by the NRM Secretary General’s impenitent tone, hastened to add a much needed sugarcoat to her remarks.

He blamed the alarming audio recording on “certain sections of the media” which have made it their mission to wrongly depict government, whose record speaks the contrary.

Opondo went ahead to urge the listeners not to only take Mrs Lumumba’s statements but also remember the NRM’s human rights record.

“The record of the NRM government is very clear,” he said. “It is not a record of impunity, where you go and just shoot shoot shoot people even though they have broken the law.”

“Our record is that of rule of law, justice, and equity, and even where mistakes are made, we are never shy to admit them and publicly admonish and punish people who have made the mistakes. A government official should not be taken just by their statements but also their record.”

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change spokesperson Hon Semujju Nganda on the other hand, hailed the NRM Secretary General for “telling the truth.”

He said he was happy that Lumumba was being open about, “how government always handles protests.”

“The last time we had protests on streets of Kampala, people were shot and killed; those who were participating and those who weren’t. You recall the pregnant woman, the three month old baby in Masaka,” he said.

“When Lumumba says your children will be shot, she is stating the obvious. In fact when the media called me, I said we must thank Kasule Lumumba; others will shoot you and deny it.

“The president himself has ever given an order to kill. That is what happens in countries where military men are posing as democrats. (Elly) Kayanja of the Operation Wembly was shooting on site. I am happy that Lumumba warned the parents.”


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