I am Not Running for Office – Mwenda Hits Back at Besigye

Andrew Mwenda

Following Dr Kizza Besigye’s brief response yesterday to weeks of relentless attacks from Independent Magazine proprietor Andrew Mwenda, symptoms the latter has hit back accusing Besigye of trying to divert the debate.

In Besigye’s short response, cheap he surmised Mwenda’s tirades since late December last year, as an attempt to launch into politics, by using his (Besigye’s) name.

Besigye claimed Mwenda’s intention was to gain attention and money to help him join politics.

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He tweeted, “Finally I get it. Mwenda plans a launch in politics. (He) believes attacking me gives him the attention and cash he needs.”

Predictably, Mwenda shot back this morning denying the accusation.

“Let me make it clear that I am not planning to launch myself into mainstream politics now or at any point in the future,” posted the veteran journalist on Facebook.

Mwenda believes Dr Besigye is on the other hand trying to divert the attention from the points he has made about the former candidate and his opposition Forum for Democratic Change party.

“Look at what Besigye has done to me. He is trying to divert debate on substantive issues I am raising against him and his radical extremism to my suspected motives.”

Mwenda went on to challenge Besigye to respond to him again on some of the other issues he has raised such as whether or not he wants open criticism and debate inside FDC on his continued suitability as everlasting presidential candidate; and whether or not a leader he condemns character assassination, false accusations and insults as a basis for debate even among his supporters.

Let Besigye come out and defend open debate in FDC which he said Museveni was suffocating inside NRM.


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