I am No IT Expert But I’ll Transform the Sector – Minister Tumwebaze

ICT Minister Frank Tumwebaze

Minister Frank Tumwebaze is adapting fast as the new Minister for Information and ICT, malady and anticipates much less challenges than he did when he had just been moved from the Ministry of Presidency and KCCA.

Tumwebaze expressed confidence on Thursday that although he is not an IT savvy, he will be able to transform the sector which has been performing below the expectations in the past few years.

The trick, he says, is not his extensive knowledge about ICT, but his ability to learn fast.

“I am not an IT expert,” the minister told NBS TV this morning; “there are a number of things I don’t know, I must accept but I am able to learn.”

“First of all I am online; I studied some physics, I did some bit of electronics, but not IT. I have a Masters in diplomatic studies; I am also about to complete a Masters in public health.

“These might be unrelated, but it’s all about adapting to ICT application for usability not for mastering as an expert, I am able to do that honestly. I can send an email, I can type on a computer, and I can tweet.”

Minister Tumwebaze who replaced the now retire Minister John Nasasira said he has often been mocked for being put in charge of IT, when he is not even active on social media.

“You know there is when I tried to send a tweet to two accounts, but I forgot to separate them. I didn’t see the blue but I just sent and the tweet didn’t go. But eventually I learned,” he said.

“If you are not able to learn… if you are a leader and you are no able and willing to learn, then you are a very bad leader. If you are able to learn, then there are no risks associated with you.”

Tumwebaze said he anticipates some bit of resistance from the team of experts he will be working with, who might see him as overzealous.

“I will meet a team of “we have done things before.” These might see me as having a lot of kajanja. But it’s not me with kajanja. It is the world we live in.

“If you have to go to your office to write a press release, seek approval of your PS, consult the commissioner for disease control, all to explain that an epidemic is under control, already, thousands of tweeps are online telling a different story; then what you give out eventually is not new. It will be a scandal.

“This kajanja is not coming with the new minister; it is because of the globalization.”

On how he will separate politics from his new work which is largely techinical, Minister Tuwmebaze said this won’t be necessary.

“I will be sticking to policy, but of course good policies come with a right political party.  First, the agenda and policies I am implementing, the budget are all to implement the NRM manifesto and I don’t have to be shy to speak about the party that I belong to.


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