I Aborted Kasiwukira’s Pregnancy, Says In-Law

SUSPECTS: Sarah Nabikolo the widow, Sandra Nakungu the in law and police officer Ahraf Jadeni in court today

Hearing of the case where three people are accused of murdering city businessman Eria Bugembe Kasiwukira resumed today before High Court Judge Wilson Masalu Museni, buy with police detective Prossy Namukasa as the 20th Prosecution witness to pin the trio.

Namukasa informed court that she was the one who recorded the accused sister-in-law Sandra Nakungu’s statement at CIID headquarters in Kibuli on November 25th 2014, and that in her statement she denied having a hand in the murder but admitted difficulties in her relations with the deceased, after she aborted his pregnancy and told his wife Nabilolo about it.

The Police officer said that Nankungu confessed that while working at Kasiwukira’s SEB Hotel as a cleaner, she was impregnated by the deceased and that she was fired after her sister Nankungu knew about it.

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After being dismissed the officer told court, Nakungu tried out other business ventures including opening up a parking lot, before she started a dairy business after selling her Nadia car. She also owned the car which was later found to have been used in the murder of Kasiwukira.

The accused however informed Namukasa in the statement that by the time of the murder, she was no longer in possession of the Mitsubishi, Pajero Registration number UAE 018E, as she had sold it days back.

She also confessed that she was in touch and good friends with the other murder suspect Ashiraf Jadeni, a police officer.

Namukasa told court that Nankungu before making the statement was observed and found to have a sound mind.

Nakungu, is accused together with the widow Sarah Nabikolo and a police officer Ashiraf Jadeni of orchestrating the murder Kasiwukira on October 17 2014 in Muyenga’s Diplomatic Zone.



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