I, A Civilian Wouldn’t Command Military Into Parliament – Kadaga

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has once again dismissed the barrage of accusations that last week she invited the Special Forces Command officers in the chambers of Parliament to arrest opposition members.

The speaker on Wednesday during plenary, sought to respond to continuous criticisms from sections of the public including Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Deputy Spokesperson, Paul Mwiru who accused her of inviting intruders to manhandle the pro-age limit legislators last week.

“I want to respond that one, I didn’t invite any security organ to Parliament; two, I didn’t command any security organ to take any action in Parliament and I am surprised that a mere civilian is being accused of commanding security agency. This just shows you how empty that thinking is,” Kadaga responded.

The speaker said she was never aware of other security agencies in Parliament apart from the Parliament police.

“I only heard in the press in the evening that there might have been some other people here so I will not apologize for applying the rules of procedure in this house.” Kadaga said.

The Speaker noted that there was a clear breach of the rules by the angry members and that their conduct left the house in disrepute.

“I’d like to remind members and those outside that are trying to run Parliament from the streets that I am the custodian of the Rules of Procedure.”

The government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa further congratulated the Speaker and assured her of all necessary protection and on Parliament as an institution of government.

Nankabirwa said, “Parliament is an arm of government, government cannot sit back when this arm of government is being attacked and that the Speaker is being threatened so that she is diverted from doing her work.”

She added that government will always come in to protect all the institutions including Parliament and will use every means available to make sure that the constitution is upheld.


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