Hundreds of Youth Attend Barclays Readytowork Skills Training

The free face-to-face Ready to Work skills training commenced on Monday December 5th at the HUB, website like this Oasis Mall with over 500 youth turning up for the training.

Created by Barclays Bank and implemented by BrighterMonday Uganda, the training intends to provide face-to-face free skills training sessions from 5th to 16th December 2016 where by at the end of the training, each participant will receive two Certificates; 1) Barclays ReadytoWork, 2) Google Digicon Mini.

Speaking at the training, Juliana K. Lugayizi Citizenship Manager, Marketing and Corporate Relations, Barclays Uganda said “Barclays is committed for the next three years to manage ReadytoWork initiative. Over 7,000 people have already registered online but not all have trained due to challenges of internet data. Much as ReadytoWork is predominantly online based, this face-to-face training is to help manage the internet data challenge by giving participants a chance to finish the ReadytoWork course.”

Lugayizi added that “Barclays Bank came up with this ReadytoWork initiative because it wants the youth to be job creators. “

She noted that most youth lack confidence and therefore the ReadytoWork training intends to build on their confidence to go in for jobs and be successful.

Young people in Uganda are grappling with the challenge of limited opportunities, lack of skills and uncertainty about how to gain meaningful employment or become entrepreneurs. With the Ready to Work training, young people will be empowered with the training, support and learning they need to enhance their employment and self-employability prospects.

Thomas Twesige, Project Manager BrighterMonday Uganda, the implementing partners of Barclays ReadytoWork said “We have an unsubstantiated 80% unemployed youth in Uganda. As BrighterMonday, we seek to empower as many youth as possible for the ReadytoWork skills.”

Twesige added that this training will further prepare young people for the critical transition from education into the world of work. It will be based on four modules namely: Work Skills, People skills, Money Skills and Entrepreneurial skills.

The program is targeted at High school students in their A-level, University students, Tertiary institutions and graduates who already completed their respective courses but are looking to better their employability skills. This training is also appropriate for persons of all ages interested in scaling up their skills in any of the four module areas.


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