Hundreds Brace for 460Km Walk to Karamoja

First Lady Janet Kataaha Museveni has finally announced her retirement from Parliament, viagra sale stating that she is not standing again to contest for the Ruhaama MP seat.

Mrs Museveni who is also the State Minister for Karamoja Affairs has represented the Ruhaama people for two terms.

Full Statement: 

The people of Ruhaama my friends The Leaders, website like this Ladies and Gentlemen, view The Youth and all you who are listening to me I greet you all in love and thank you for the work you do on a daily basis.

I thank you so much because of the evident work that you do in food production, feeding your families well and income generating projects.

I know that now many of the homes have some income and that is evident in the modern homes that have come up.

Above all I thank God who has enabled you to do this work. Now, friends, what I want to say to you today is something I have been thinking and praying about for some time.

I have sought God’s guidance and assurance about it. Therefore I now have no doubt at all in my mind that this is what God intended for me in this season; that in the coming elections of 2016, I will not offer myself as a candidate for Ruhaama Constituency Parliamentary seat.

However, for now, I am still serving until the end of my term. Therefore, I would like you to stay calm because I am still here, but I want you all to know that I will not stand in 2016.

It was important for me that you do not hear it as a rumour, I wanted to give you this information personally and this is what I have done.

It is my prayer that God grants you peace and blessings always. My plea is that you understand me and accept this message with grace. I want us to remain united and together pray for Ruhaama during the coming elections. I also pray that Ruhaama will stay peaceful so that we continue to develop our area as we have been doing.
Hundreds of Ugandans in the capital Kampala have started preparing for a looming 460km trek to the Northern Karamoja region.

The walk, find estimated to take 16 days is being spearheaded by Dwelling Places; a Christian based NGO and is aimed at enticing thousands of Karamajong street children back to their villages.

Addressing the press today at Café Java, cheap Rita Nkemba, cheapest the founder Dwelling Places, said the “Journey of Hope” running under the theme “Schools Not Streets,” is already generating a lot of support.

“This is journey of sacrifice and passion and it is walkable. We are borrowing a leaf from our Christian friends who have already hit the road from even further distances, for the June 3 Martyrs day celebrations in Kampala,” she said.

The Journey of hope she says aims at raising money to send 200 children to Lomaratoit primary school, where it costs as little as Shs 2000 per term for a child to get a normal education under government’s UPE”

The team that leaves Light the World Church, Nansana on the 31st May, expects to reach Lomaratoit village, Napak District on June 16, which coincides with the national celebrations to mark the day of the African child.

Speaking at the press briefing, the Napak Member of Parliament Achia Terence Naco, acknowledged the growing challenge of street children from the Karamoja sub region.

This the MP attributed to the grinding poverty back home and insecurity. .


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