Human Rights Watch Taunt Rwanda after Gen Karake Arrest

General Karenzi Karake was arrested in London on June 20

As Rwanda struggles to secure the release of her intelligence chief Gen Karenzi Karake from detention in London, sildenafil UK, the Human Rights Watch has implied the arrest of the high ranking army officer marks “significant progress in ensuring justice for the victims of the genocide in Rwanda.”

“There has been significant progress in ensuring justice for the victims of the genocide in Rwanda,” said Daniel Bekele, Africa director at Human Rights Watch.

“But thousands of victims and their relatives are still waiting for justice for crimes committed by members of the Rwandan Patriotic Front since 1994,” he added.

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The Rwandan government yesterday described London’s decision to detain the high ranking army officer as “lunacy.”

Foreign Affairs Minister Louise Mushikiwabo said, “Western solidarity in demeaning Africans is unacceptable. It is an outrage to arrest a Rwandan official based on pro-genocidaires’ lunacy.”

Karake, the Director General of National Intelligence and Security Services – a specialised spy body that brings together civilian and military surveillance units, was put into custody on Saturday after arriving at Heathrow Airport.

He had spent a week in London and was due to return back home in Kigali.

Police said in media interview that Karake was held in connection with Spanish Court’s indictment of 40 former or serving RPF military commanders on charges of crimes against humanity.

It is alleged Karake committed the offences in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo during his reign as military intelligence director in the aftermath of the 1994 genocide.

He is expected at the Westminster Magistrate Court on Thursday.

Rwanda has previously rubbished the charges as preposterous.

Human Rights Watch said it was monitoring Karake’s case, saying, in the event that he is extradited to Spain, “authorities should ensure that due process is followed and that he receives a fair trial.”

The group further said it had “reviewed the 2008 Spanish indictment, which it believes has some merit, and calls for the investigations into the crimes cited therein to continue to be pursued.”

It is understood that Rwanda is in diplomatic talks with London to ensure Karake, who has travelled to UK several times, is released unconditionally.

Andrew Mitchell, UK’s former International Development Secretary, told the Today programme the indictment of Karake was a political act and a “reprehensible” use of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW).

“It’s a misuse of the European Arrest Warrant system,” the Tory MP said.

“It’s being used for political reasons and not for judicial ones and it’s politically motivated, enacted by supporters of the genocidal regime in Rwanda which killed one million people and it’s being used against those who stopped that genocide, he added, according to PoliticsHome.

Mr Mitchell described the indictment as having been brought by a “junior Spanish judge” and he echoed US concerns about the case.

“As the Americans said, this is unresearched, politically motivated and lacking in facts and I agree with the American analysis of that,” he said.

Karenzi Karake has been a key senior military and intelligence official in Rwanda for the last 20 years, having participated in the RPF guerrilla struggle that would later stop the 1994 genocide.


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