HRC Prepares for Human Rights Day

HRC chairman DR Amooti Kateebarirwe

Uganda Human Rights Commission have scheduled a number of activities that will lead up to the International Human Rights day which is due on Saturday December 10th.

Among this, treat the Commission will be holding Inter University debates, there Community dialogue on Friday , cost and public dialogue on the 9th.

“We are commemorating this year’s International Human Rights day with the major aim of encouraging each and everyone to stand up for their and other people’s rights and above all to educate people more about their rights,” said Dr Amooti Katebalirwe Wa Irumba, the head of the Commission.

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While addressing the media at the Human Rights Commission headquarters Dr Katebalirwe said that this year’s theme is “stand up for someone’s Rights today”

The celebrations her said are to re-affirm the commission’s commitment to the respect, protection and promotion of Human Rights for all in accordance with the National Constitution of Uganda and other binding regional and international human rights standards.

Every December 10th, Uganda joins the rest of the world to commemorate the International Human Rights day, the day the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted.

According to reports issued by Human Rights institutions such as UHRC, HURINET and many others, there are a number of incidents and reports of Human Rights violations that occurred during this year’s ranging from violation of freedom from torture, freedom of expression and the right to assemble peacefully, deprivation of life especially the recent killings in Kasese and the recent murder of Muslim clerics.


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