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How Victoria University Mourned Garissa Bloodshed

Victoria University students' condolence messages for the Garissa massacre

Uganda People’s congress (UPC) Party President Ambassador Olara Otunnu today did not turn up at the Buganda Road Court for the hearing of the case where he is accused of making defamatory statements against President Yoweri Museveni.

The defense Counsel Haji Asuman Basalirwa informed court on Monday that his client is not in the country at the moment thereby seeking for an adjournment.

“My lord we seek for an adjournment because accused in this matter Dr Olara otunnu is in the UK where he went for medical checkup” remarked Basalirwa.

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The adjournment was upheld by the state prosecutor Nambajjoo Imaculate and thus the grade one magistrate Joan Aciro pushed the case to 26th May for further hearing.

Basalirwa came to court with one of the accused’s sureties Prof Edward Kakonge

Prosecution alleges that on 16th January 2013 during his weekly news conference at Uganda House in Kampala, this Otunnu attacked president Museveni’s regime referring to it as one full of political assassinations
As the world continues to struggle to come to terms with the Garissa University College massacre, cheapest Victoria University students in Kampala have found a unique way of sharing their grief.

Students wrote condolence cards which were pinned on their campus notice board.

In their messages, visit this the students described their departed Kenyan counterparts as “our brothers and sisters.”

Visitors at the campus are welcomed by these touching messages of solidarity.

Universities across the world are holding events to remember the lives at Garissa which were brutally terminated by Al Shabaab militants early this month.

Poggo, a student, observed: “We are one. 147 not just a number.”

Peace noted: “Let’s all fight terrorism. The fight begins with us.”

World leaders condemned the Garissa incident as barbaric and unforgiveable.


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