How to Kill a Business Partnership Faster: Tips from the TDA

Most business partnerships start informally, before any real terms are put on table

The European Union and African leaders have signed an agreement for the creation of an Emergency Trust Fund, sildenafil initially of $1.9 billion, this site to assist Africa to take back nationals who migrated to Europe.

The fund, unveiled on Thursday at a summit with African leaders in Malta, currently consists largely of $1.9bn put up by the European Commission, the EU executive, from the bloc’s central budget.

The Commission wants member states to match that, but few have pledged much so far.

Speaking at the summit, Senegal President Macky Sall, who is also the chair of the Economic Community Of West African States (Ecowas) said, “The money that the EU is pledging is not enough for the whole of Africa. We would like to see it more generously financed.”

African countries were reluctant to take up the offer as the deal would sharply reduce remittance income from immigrants in Europe.

Reports show that African nations receive more than $32 billion annually in remittances, most of it from migrants.

Many sub-Saharan Africa economies depend on remittances to bolster their sovereign credit ratings, which helps them lower their borrowing costs and lengthen their debt maturity.

The new money, which adds to some $21bn annually donated to Africa by the EU and its 28 states, will finance projects ranging from training and small-business grants and combating food shortages to schemes directly aimed at cutting emigration and tackling radicalization and other violence.
Uganda is rated the most entrepreneurial nation on earth but at least 19% of the hundreds of businesses started every day do not live to celebrate their first birthday.­

Studies by World Bank and other international agencies show that cash flow challenges the major cause of the failure.

However, here looking beyond the facts and figures, sickness we must appreciate the ordinary reality: even businesses that last longer have cash flow problems.

How they go about the issue of having money coming in at a slower rate than it is going out is (negative cash flow) might help us get more actionable clues.

The same studies state that majority of small business are started by a fraction of the 75% of Ugandan youth majorly to make a living (as a necessity). Most of these are first timers in business and due to shortage of resources they partner with relatives or former classmates.

Solutions to cash flow and other related business challenges can always be forged if there’s an existing strong relationship between the parties involved.

In view of the recent alliance of opposition forces that failed to choose a sole candidate to run against the incumbent president Yoweri Museveni in the 2016 general elections mainly due to internal disagreements, we can pick a number of lessons on how to ruin a business partnership as fast as the bad partner wants.

Here are four;

Start With Selfishness

The fastest way to make a relationship is enticement with gifts, pleasantries and heavenly promises.

In forming the alliance, members who wanted everyone in the opposition to agree to the idea and join in faster suggested that member parties or groups take equal shares irrespective of their ground strength.

The outcome was that the forum for democratic change could not handle being treated as if they were equal with the rest.

This could be quite a regular happening but if you are not familiar with it please get it from me; there is no such thing as equal contribution in business and business relationships.

Like in other forms of human relationships, one is either a man or a woman, each performing a different duty. Even among homosexual partners there’s a ‘husband’ and ‘wife’, ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’.

Business relationships successfully start when already destined to fail when the parties resort to enticement instead of appreciating each other’s contribution in the measure in which it is.

If partners respect and consult with each other as they should, the desire to put such pleasantries as equal shareholding at the start of the relationship won’t be necessary.  Our parents are not successful in their marriages because they are equal, think about it.

Set Unclear Rules And Start Bending Them

Most business partnerships start informally, before any real terms are put on table. Sometimes it’s the decisions that are taken from time to time that turn into the terms of agreement to govern the conduct of business. In case a partnership deed or articles of association are come up with, the clarity of the various clauses in it will determine whether business works or it does not.

The Democratic Alliance made a protocol that omitted some basic terms such as dissolution, extension of deadlines and failure to reach consensus.

As fate would have it, the members made extensions several times without considering the objections of some members, consensus was not reached on the position of presidential candidate on time and the grouping was left at a stalemate. All the time they spent in negotiations was but wasted.

Partnership agreements if not built on clear and attainable terms can easily collapse. An agreement that assumes the parties involved will not completely disagree on any subject is delusional and can only help if the members want a failure in the short run.

To do this, be sure you don’t want your business partnership to last long.

Never Give In

I always state clearly to my new business partners that; truthfully we are not the same and there are times we are going to have completely contrasting views but if we want to achieve these business goals we have before us, we should be prepared to reach a compromise.

In the TDA, lengthy meetings were held behind closed doors with Besigye waiting and wishing that Mbabazi would give in and back him yet Mbabazi was silently doing the same.

I want to assume that lightning would strike neither had Mbabazi or Besigye given in and supported the other but they chose the dirtier way.

In business, in democracy, in gaming there’s always a winner and a loser but if you lose for the sake of your partner winning, in a way you remain part of the win. In order to kill a partnership faster, the parties should each stick to their positions.

Feed The Business, Ignore the people

Grow your people and the people will grow your business is a common saying in the business circles but very few really apply it.

The democratic alliance (of 2015) seemed to have been so full of itself that it gave very little if any timely attention to the psychological torture its endless closed door meetings and propaganda machinery was putting on their supporters.

At one time Besigye and Mbabazi were literary locked in a room for a whole day. The gentlemen behind the alliance cared so much about their mission of getting a joint presidential candidate that they got to a point of ignoring anything else.

Business is not really about business it’s about the people. If a business partner suffers burnout, loses a relative or asks for a leave and is denied or ignored completely so as to deliver on client orders trust me that business or to the least the partnership will fail sooner.

Wondering how to kill the partnership, simply; concentrate on the business and ignore the partner (s) that make up the business.

Finally you need a little more ego.

If you want to completely kill the partnership you got one last thing to do; think of yourself as the most important person that ever walked in that business. A feeling of self importance that is more than normal will do you a really bad job.

Were both men so egoistic? Well, this is a business piece; let’s see what Andrew Mwenda has to say.

By Stephen Obeli Someday

Twitter: @StephenObeli


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