How to Keep Safe During the Festive Season


Fred Mukasa, there http://closdescapucins.fr/wp-content/plugins/slideshow-gallery/helpers/db.php a resident in Wakaliga B zone in Lubaga division, price http://chicken33.com/commande/wp-includes/widgets/class-wp-widget-search.php Kampala was astonished to be welcomed to an empty house on January 2 early this year on his return from the village where he had gone to spend the new year’s day together with his entire family.

He had been robbed clean, view leaving only the plastic carpet and an empty bed by thugs on the night of December 31.

The rate of crime according to police   tends to increase during the festive season, especially Christmas and New year’s  day partly because people tend to relax and lose their guard.

“People get over excited, forgetting about their safety and security during the festive season which partly accounts for increased rate of crimes,” says Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima.


Many people especially in towns tend to leave homes together with their entire families and throng the villages to celebrate the festive season with their relatives and beloved ones but according to Kayima, this is not right.

“Criminals tend to utilize this period and terrorize homes after realizing no one is left. It is better that some members of the family go while others stay guarding the homes or else you might lose everything in the house.”

He says that in case it is not possible to leave any family members, it would be wise that the maid stays back to keep the home and other valuables in case of any eventuality but warns on the maids.

According to the police mouthpiece, the head of the home must have bio data and any other form of information in regards to the maid, including their background, parents and home village as another precautionary and security measure during the festive season.

“You never know, the maid might be a victim or suspect of any form of criminality while you are away. She might vanish with all your belongings and you have nowhere to begin tracing them from if you don’t have their bio data.”

Kayima adds,”In case they are killed while you are away, you might not have where to start from in your bid to find their relatives. This calls for the need to have information about your maid.”

He notes that there is need to find out if the people you are living with as maids can be trusted before you leave for holidays during the festive season.

The police mouthpiece also says that these have to be warned on people they relate with plus those who frequently come home as many of these might turn out to be criminals.

“Those who pretend as boyfriends might have other motives that even the maid might not be aware of. Warn them (maids) against people who pretend to have come to fix electricity, water and other service providers at home. Most of them are thugs.”

He advises,” Most of these come to do reconnaissance and later strike. People who rob us are those known to the family members or have knowledge about the day to day running of your home that they can monitor your movements. Be aware of them.”

He notes that the people known to us can easily come home with lorries, pack and take every household item in the full watch of the neighbors plus the maids simply because of the relationship they have with people at home.

Kayima says that maids and neighbors ought to be warned against such individuals who might use the festive season period to strike when they are less expected.

According to the police officer, household items ought to be marked by engraving names on them which presents a challenge to thugs who might find it difficult to sell a marked item.

“Few people would be willing to buy engraved items for fear of being arrested and if any, this is done at a low cost which discourages one from stealing. In case the robber decides to remove the mark, then the property loses value,” Kayima says.

He also says that the various neighborhoods ought to know and meet each other occasionally in a bid to discuss matters related to security of their homes.

“In such times of the festive season, you can alert your neighbors to be on the watch out of any criminals who would want to take advantage when you are away,” he says adding that the phone numbers for the area police commanders should be at the fingertips of every one in case of any eventuality.


Kayima warns those travelling to the villages during the festive season against moving with huge sums of money that would attract thugs.

“Use mobile money and banks but a lot of money on you. Don’t invite thugs to rob you of your valuables. In case you are attacked, don’t hesitate to give them what they want or else they might kill you,” he advises.

Travelers are advised to carry phones whenever they go for easy communication and also keep them in safe places so   in case of any problem they can be used.

“Do not give out your electronic serial number or even your phone number to strangers, including callers who represent themselves as technicians testing your line. If you are leaving your phone in your car, be sure it is hidden from view,” former Old Kampala District Police Commander urges.

According to Kayima those travelling at night should be extra careful because many thugs exploit this opportunity to strike on the unsuspecting people.

Travelers are also warned of thugs in taxis that travel at night who tend to rob valuables and in some cases kidnap and kill passengers.


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