How Serious Should We Take These Terror Threats?

Security at larger learning institutions like Makerere University is till loose

West Ankole Diocese Bishop, web salve Rt. Rev. Yona Mwesigwa Katonene, cost has highlighted the need for government to strictly implement the laid down punishments against defilers and rapists most of whom have become perpetual criminals.

While addressing the press after the Easter Sunday service at Bweranyangi Hill in Bushenyi town, Bishop Katonene noted that government has not yet scored high on punishing defilers and rapists who are destroying the future of the young girls in the country.

“We need strict punishments like life imprisonment most especially to parents who rape and defile their daughters. These are anti-social acts that are unacceptable in society,” Bishop Katonene emphasized.

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“It is a disgrace at such a time as we are celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that defilement and rape cases against our young girls and women continue with impunity. The church has done its work and media which is the conscience of society should help us expose the culprits so as to protect our little girls for a brighter future,” added Katonene.

Children rights body, ANPPCAN Uganda recently asked the Government to constitute a commission of inquiry into the rising cases of defilement and other vices.

The research coordinator, Ruth Birungi pointed out that the rate at which children’s rights are violated calls for the government’s immediate action.

“In 2012, we had 742 cases of defilement. Between 2009 and 2011 police received 22,614 defilement cases. At least 628 children are defiled per month country wide,” Birungi said.

A study done carried out in the central districts of Kampala, Mukono and Wakiso in 2014 revealed that prevalence of child abuse in study areas had risen up to 74.7 percent.

Katonene said, “Parents have raped their daughters and infected them with HIV and we have seen them being jailed for three years which is very unfair. The parliament has that task ahead to ensure protection of minors like children and women who have fallen prey to ungodly men. Such people who rape and defile young girls need life imprisonment,” Katonene charged

Katonene added that the church and media still have an upper hand in fighting defilement and rape, vices that have ravaged the country.

He called upon every Ugandan to be on the lookout, condemn and expose abuses of young girls and women.

Section 129 of the Ugandan penal code provides that ‘any person, who performs a sexual act with another person who is below the age of 18 years, commits a felony known as defilement and is on conviction liable to life imprisonment.’

This section also provides for the offence of ‘aggravated defilement’ punishable by death.
By Ian Musiimenta

Police has gone by the IGP statement that Al-Shabab is planning to attack an institution on Jinja Road. And all the deployment has been done on that basis.

Really, viagra come to think about it; if your enemy told you that he will poison your food on the stove, you need to think about the plates on the drying rack out in the open as well.

Kyambogo and Uganda Christian University being on Jinja Road have got themselves a few more police officers around their gates.

While in Makerere University I entered through the most used Wandegeya small gate with no one to check me; with my backpack of cloths back from Easter holidays.

Not even at my hall of residence. I expect the same for my faculty building to have no security checks at entrances as we resume classes today.

And it is the same Makerere that is in the news, planning on a solidarity walk for the Garrisa attack on Wednesday. How safe are we ourselves to participate in that walk?  How assured am I of my security?

I was travelling from Mbarara to Kampala in a public bus where we were not checked while entering, not even those that joined us along the way from different towns.

As we travelled on my phone I scrolled and all the news on my timeline was about Garrisa and as a university student I was worried about where I am going, only to arrive at one of the university entrances and there is no security personnel or security check.

At times, that’s why I think in Africa we are always at the Mercies of our God.

Blessed week, but keep at least one eye open.

The Writer is a student at Makerere University 


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