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PHOTOS: How Kizza Besigye Was Arrested

Besigye has lost the 2016 elections to president Museveni

Former National Resistance Movement [NRM] Secretary General Hon Amama Mbabazi will not be joining in the party’s National Delegates Conference slated for October 30th as had earlier been speculated.

Mbabazi, try cure who broke ties with the ruling party in June and declared bid for president in the coming elections, health http://cheesejaguar.com/wp-admin/includes/dashboard.php said on this day he be focused on his impending nomination by the Electoral Commission.

The NRM yesterday released the roadmap to the three-day National Conference at Mandela National Stadium at Namboole.

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During the conference, ask delegates are expected to elect new national office bearers, and also for the delegates to receive and elect the NRM presidential flag bearer for the 2016 presidential elections.”

Asked whether Mbabazi was invited, NRM Deputy Secretary General, Richard Todwong told journalists “It’s upon Amama Mbabazi and Hon. Jacqueline Mbabazi to attend or not.”

However, in a brief communiqué on Friday afternoon, Mbabazi said he would not be in attendance and neither would his wife Jacqueline who is hospitalized in London.

“My wife Jacqueline will also not be attending. She is presently unwell and undergoing treatment in the United Kingdom,”

“When I married my wife I made a promise that from that day forth, for better, for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health while we both live, I would give her full support. I am her primary helper and so I have taken some time away from campaign activities in order to give her the support she needs. My family and I expect her to make a full recovery soon,” he said.

Mbabazi yesterday reassured his supporters that he would into backtrack to support President Museveni, like former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya, noting that he is not “that kind of person.”


Dr Kizza Besigye has been arrested, visit web http://cheapcouriercomparison.com.au/wp-content/plugins/ml-slider/ml-slider.php Chimp Corps report.

The arrest was executed by RPC Wesley Nganizi at the FDC strongman’s residence in Kasangati, sildenafil Wakiso District on Thursday at 10:38am.

It all started Thursday night with police deploying around Besigye’s home.

Deputy Police spokesperson Polly Namaye told ChimpReports today that “police have deployed around his house home as a preventive action basing on information that they intended to continue holding unauthorised rallies in Eastern Uganda.”

At around 10:00am, cure MP Reagan Okumu and Geoffrey Ekanya arrived at Besigye’s home.

They are said to have held brief talks before moving out of the residence with Besigye.

In his speech to the press, Besigye vowed to fight against what he described as the violation of his right of movement.

Besigye said he was yet to get an official briefing from police on why he was under what looked like a house arrest.

“No body from police has told me why they are here since last night,” said a visibly angry Besigye.

“I guess their intention is the usual one – to interfere with my activities of challenging the president,” he added.

Besigye was in company of MP Ekanya and his aides when he was arrested

Besigye was in company of MP Ekanya and his aides when he was arrested

“Police are being used to violate our rights but we won’t allow such to continue. We are proceeding with our programme as had been laid out,” added the FDC 2016 election presidential flag-bearer.

“If they don’t allow we shall see what their plan is. They are all over my home but we will not turn back,” he concluded.

On his part, Okumu humorously said he was happy that police was protecting Besigye before applauding the law enforcement body for the “good service.”

Police used spikes to block roads leading to Besigye's residence

Police used spikes to block roads leading to Besigye’s residence


After addressing the media, Besigye jumped into his car before the driver attempted to drive away.

The car was intercepted by RPC Wesley Nganizi who told Besigye that “today we are not allowing you out because we have information you want to cause chaos.”

Nganizi directed Besigye to disembark the car “because you are now under preventive arrest.”

Besigye gently got out of his car before being led into a police truck that drove off to Nagalama Police Station.

While the FDC say they intend to hold rallies to mobilise support for 2016 and select candidates to contest in various elective posts on the party ticket, Police insist they must coordinate with the law enforcement body to conduct peaceful assemblies.

Police maintaining presence outside Besigye's house

Police maintaining presence outside Besigye’s house

We would have no problem with opening of offices but this is mixed up with unlawful public meetings and we advise them to postpone their program and given notice to police early enough as required by law,” said Gen Kale Kayihura on Wednesday night.

He said police are being “demonized and misjudged” for “no good reason;” adding, “Police are not stopping those going about politics but they should do it within the confines of the law.”

Kayihura concluded: “There is no police force in the world that allows lawlessness to thrive.”



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