How Failed Generators Triggered National Power Outage

Uganda suffered a power outage on Wednesday night

Uganda slipped into darkness Wednesday night due to failure of generators at Kiira, medical Bujagali and Nalubaale dams, approved it has emerged.

“UETCL’s initial investigations indicate the generators failed, viagra ” an official in the energy sector told ChimpReports on Thursday.

Frustrated Ugandans took to social media to express their surprise at the blackout that covered Kampala city and most of the towns across the country.

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The incident raised concerns about the strength of the equipment used at the dams as Ugandans grapple with high electricity tariffs.

UETCL said in a statement today that the, “partial blackout happened at 7:14pm when Eskom unsuccessfully normalized power supply after there had been a maintenance shutdown.”

The failed attempt, according to UETCL officials, resulted into a power trip (power went off) and all the generator units at Kiira and Nalubale dams tripped.

“At the Bujagali hydro power dam, three generators also tripped leaving only two generators on to the national grid,” the electricity transmission body said in its statement.


During this period, Kenya system experienced system instability and decoupled at Musaga and Lessos, leaving the western part o Kenya on to the Uganda power system.

The western part of the Kenya system that had remained on to our system had some generating units, some of which tripped at around 7:36pm which resulted into two generating units at the Bujagali hydro power dam to trip thus resulting into total system blackout.

Power distributors, Umeme, said the “total blackout, affected electricity supply to the entire country.”

UETCL said it prepared the system for the restoration and requested both Eskom and Bujagali hydropower dams to have the opportunity to black start while at the same time UETCL was backing on Kenya to stabilise and provide us with reference voltage on which to provide the auxiliaries at Eskom and or Bujagali.

Kenya gained stability before Eskom and Bujagali could successfully black start and extended reference voltage to the Tororo substation at 8:09 pm and thereafter Bujagali was able to start a unit.

UETCL management says full restoration of the entire system was realized a 10:02pm.


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