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How Dr Gukina Musoke is Degrading Lake Victoria with Impunity

Dr Gukina Musoke on the shores of Lake Victoria

Victoria Beach proprietor, symptoms http://cmavie.tv/theliac/client/plugins/ogone/confirmation.php Dr Peter Gukina Musoke has reiterated his determination to continue reclaiming parts of Lake Victoria as he is protected by NRM top shots including the much-feared Maj Kakooza Mutale.

Musoke is currently erecting Café Victoria Entebbe at the Ssese Gateway beach Bay in Kitinda Village, visit this site http://cricutsearch.com/copper/themes/water_drop/_vti_cnf/theme.php Kitabi Sub County, information pills http://cfbtoman.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/wpcc.php Wakiso District.

Officials from National Environmental Authority (NEMA) and Ministry of Water and Fisheries have since warned that Musoke intends to continue “reclaiming and depositing soil and gravel along the entire shoreline” which has “impacted on the lake water quality.”

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The ongoing reclamation activities are extending up to three meters into the lake from the current shoreline, according to environmentalists’ reports seen by ChimpReports on Tuesday morning.

While Musoke claims he is carrying out his civic duty of conserving the trees planted in along the shoreline in preparation for the 2007 Common Wealth Meeting held in Kampala, officials have warned of “growth of algae that is developing along the shoreline where construction activities have been undertaken.”

The report further cites the “siltation and deposition of rocks on the bed of the lake” which violates people’s right of the public to use this part of the lake for transport and recreation.

Impact of degradation

Lake Victoria is the second-largest freshwater lake in the world, covering nearly 68,800 sqkm.

It is shared by Kenya (6 percent by area), Uganda (43 percent) and Tanzania (51 percent).

A recent report by the UN Environment Programme listed Lake Victoria as among African water bodies whose water level is falling due to environmental degradation and climatic changes.

It noted that the loss of trees and wetlands, which form the Lake Victoria water catchment, was partly to blame for the receding shoreline.

“Over 75 percent of the wetlands have been significantly affected by human activities and 13 percent are severely degraded,” UNEP noted.


Musoke defence

Informed that his activities were degrading Lake Victoria, Musoke told authorities about the depth of his vast political connections including Kakooza Mutale.

Musoke also had on file letters which showed that he had communicated to State House regarding the land where he has constructed the structure.

Though there was no proof that the land was actually given to him through State House, there is evidence that at one occasion when a neighbouring plot (which he claims to be his) was fenced off by unknown people, Musoke raised the issue with the President who purportedly offered to assist him.

The plot in question is still fenced off up to now indicating the contentiousness of the land ownership issue at the site.

Though the structure itself looks as a hotel under construction, the developer insists that he is developing it as his residential quarters.

He also plans to continue reclaiming and depositing soil and gravel along the entire shoreline up to where Entebbe Municipality starts – approximately an area of 500m.

In a letter dated June 30, 2016, the developer wrote to NEMA with copies to Minister of Water and Fisheries, Minister Tourism, RDC Entebbe, Environmental Officer Wakiso LG, DPC Entebbe and other authorities informing them of his intentions and requested for guidance on how to undertake the conservation.


Musoke also explained up to now, no one had ever replied his letter and no one had offered advice on how he could conserve the trees from being submerged by water.

He went ahead to quote Article 17 of the constitution of Uganda and regulation 28 of the National Environment (Wetland, River banks and Lake Shores Management) Regulations in highlighting his civic duty to conserve the environment.

The developer indicated that he has an approved plan for the construction of the premises – approved by Wakiso LG but fell short of presenting it to authorities.

Musoke admitted he did not carry out the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the construction of the structure and the ongoing developments though he had on record an EIA report (stamped by NEMA) for a petrol station which he had constructed at the same project site in the 90s but later decommissioned.

ChimpReports has since been informed that Musoke “had not acquired the licence to carry out the developments on the Lake shore – issued by NEMA as required in the National Environment (Wetland, River banks and Lake Shores Management) Regulations.”

Officials further said in their report that Musoke “did not have a construction permit issued by DWRM despite carrying out construction activities on a water body, contrary to the Water Act and the Water Resources Regulations.”

Lake Victoria Basin supports approximately 35 million people and has considerable social, economic, environmental and ecological values.

Its potential is based on rich social capital, rich agricultural soils, abundant water resources, minerals, fisheries, wetlands, diverse forest resources, wildlife and tourism opportunities. The Basin’s natural resources endowment forms the foundation of its socio-economy as well as the basis for the various threats and challenges being experienced.

Authorities say if increasing population without corresponding technological innovations and adoption and increasing reliance on natural resources has a series of manifestations.

The key manifestations of the trends include widespread watershed degradation, increasing water pollution and declining lake levels, rising prevalence of water borne diseases, increasing conflicts over access and use of natural resources, declining fisheries, loss of aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity and, more frequent and severer droughts and floods.

Authorities concluded that since Musoke did not show proof of acquisition of any of the statutory permits and licences that are required for him to undertake the activities he is carrying out on this particular bay, he should be directed to cease carrying out lake reclamation.


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