How DPC Baguma Got Involved In Pine Car Murder

Baguma (in grey court) with the other acussed persons in dock

State Attorney Jonathan Muwaganya has produced before the Buganda Road Chief Magistrate court, doctor detailed evidence which the office of the DPP is going to rely on in pinning DPC Aaron Baguma, Muhammad Sebuufu and others in the murder of business lady Donah Katushabe.

The indictment copy produced in court spells out the roles and duties of each of Baguma’s co-accused in the murder.

The co-accused include Godfrey Kayiza alias Godi and Shaban Oduttu who were guards at Pine Car bond, Philip Mirambe, Yoweri Kitayimbwa, Damaseni Sentongo who were brokers at the bond; as well as Stephen Lwanga a driver. All these were employed by the primary suspect Muhammad Sebuufu who is also the bond proprietor.

Aaron Baguma is described in the indictment as the District Police Commander and the Kampala CPS at the time of the murder.

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The Indictment states that on October 21st, 2015 a matter was reported to Kampala CPS that there was a lady being tortured at Pine Car Bond and on receiving the information, the OC sent two police officers to verify.

On reaching the scene of crime the officers found the late Katushabe in Sebuufu’s office, from where she was driven by one of the suspects Stephen Lwanga to CPS with her lawyer.

On reaching CPS Police officers directed Lwanga to take the lady inside the police station but he instead drove her together with her lawyer to an unknown destination.

On hearing this, the OC sent a rescue team to save Katushabe with her lawyer.

At Pine Bond the police officers found her surrounded by many people. She was in pain and with the assistance of a female police officer; she was driven to Mulago hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

After her death, investigations in the matter started and it was revealed that the deceased had earlier on purchased a car from Sebuufu and remained with a balance of Shs. 9milion.

Suspecting that the lady may not pay the full amount in time, Sebuufu ordered Paul Tasingika, his personal assistant to report a case of motor vehicle theft at the Kampala CPS against the deceased.

Tasingika and others still at large searched the home of the deceased at Bwebajja to establish her availability. On 21 October 2015 at around 7 am, Tasingika in company of three police officers from CPS left for Bwebajja along Entebbe Road where the deceased used to reside to arrest her.

They checked in at Bwebajja Police post at 7:29 am and then went to her residence where they arrested her and brought her to Kampala.

In Kampala, Katusabe was brought in motor vehicle registration number UAP 155T Toyota Premio, and taken to Pine Car Bond instead of CPS where the matter had been reported.

At Pine, Tasingika handed the deceased over to Sebuufu who was at his office together with the other suspects now in custody.

At Sebuufu’s office were Kayiza, Mirambe, Lwanga, Kitayimbwa, Sentongo, Oduttu and Kiwanuka aka Damage who is still at large.

Sebuufu demanded for his money from Katusabe and started to assault her. He then informed the
police officers that he would settle the matter with the deceased and therefore the police officers left the deceased in the hands of Sebuufu.

The investigations show that once the police left, Sebuufu continued battering her using a machete to hit her on the back and thighs while saying that if she failed to pay up, she was a dead person.

He was later joined by Sam Kiwanuka and the two beat up Katushabe and ripped her clothes.

At this point the deceased was made to call her sister on phone to get the money. While still talking to her sister Sebuufu grabbed the phone and told her sister that if they wanted to see Katushabe again, they better look for his money.

Sebuufu gave the sister the number of his assistant Tasingika’s to where they were to send the money.
All this happened while the deceased was handcuffed.

Sebuufu then left the bond shortly because he had other matters in court, leaving his employees with the kidnapped lady.

Due to the loud and painful wailing of the victim, one of them suggested that the cuffs be removed from her.

Comes Baguma

At around 3pm the Kampala DPC Aaron Baguma came to the car bond in company of other police
officers on a police pickup truck and he went straight to Sebuufu’s office where he found the victim.

The DPC spoke to her, explicitly warning her to look for Sebuufu’s money.  He then went to another private office where he and Sebuufu held a discussion for about 15minutes and was then seen walking out.

Baguma was walked out by Sebuufu himself to his car, where he handed him an unknown sum of money.

Before Baguma left he told Sebuufu to handle the issue and that in case he failed he should call him.

Soon after Baguma’s departure from Pine, Sebuufu and his colleagues became wild and resumed the beating.

Fear gripped other witnesses on learning that Baguma, the area DPC could see the victim in such
condition and leave her in the hands of the torturers.

In this trial the DPP has promised to base on the Postmortem Report of the deceased, medical examination of the accused persons, identification parade for the suspects, sketch maps of the scene of crime, call data printouts, charge and caution statements of the accused persons, SOCCO Reports, receipt books showing payment of 8million shillings, Motor vehicle UAX 481H, Certified  copy of SD  entry at Bwebajja Police, Phone imaging and data analysis reports ,Search certificates, evidence photographic logs, Torn clothes of one the lawyers, Sofa set from Sebuufu’s office, Broken guava stick from pine car bond, a pair of hand cuffs and two keys recovered from Tasingika’s home, Toyota Premio UAP 155T and various phone recovered from the accused persons.



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