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Hope Mwesigye: Crime Preventers Operating like Interahamwe

Mwesigye addressing a rally in Rubaya on Monday

Lawyers representing the former Coordinator Of Intelligence Organs Gen David Sejusa have asked the General Court Martial to halt charges against their client or face an embarrassment, here Chimp Corps report.

In their submissions on Tuesday morning, this site the lawyers led by David Mushabe told court presided over by Maj. Gen. Levi Karuhanga that it was unfortunate for the army court to continue trying the renegade general yet there is an ongoing case in the High Court challenging his continued stay in the UPDF.

According to the lawyers, pharmacy the laws of natural justice dictate that the army court first halt the trial for Sejusa as it awaits the civil High Court to pronounce itself on an almost similar case against the senior army officer.

“This is in interest of fair play and natural justice that the General Court Martial should let the High Court do its work and this will save the former court from embarrassment in case the High Court rules in his favour,” Mushabe told court.

The troubled General ponders on the next move

The troubled General ponders on the next move

“It would be a total embarrassment in case the High Court rules that Gen Sejusa is no longer a serving army officer. Halting the case in the General Court Martial will in no way be an injustice to both the accused and the state but rather a measure to speed up justice.”

The defence lawyers argued that it is a prerequisite that all government organs and agencies work hand in hand to avoid contradiction adding that the same principle should be applied by the army court.

Sejusa is accused of conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline, absence without official leave and participation in partisan politics.

State Drags Feet

Meanwhile, the prosecution side led by Col Asingura Kagoro, Maj. Moses Buwaso, Maj. Raphael Mugisha and Lt. Ambrose Iguma told court that Sejusa’s lawyers had misused the doctrines of the law in a bid to suit their case.

“The defence lawyers are suggesting that there is an employer- employee relationship between Gen. Sejusa and the UPDF which is not true because in the army we only have service and nothing else,” the lawyers told court.

The ex spymaster listening attentively to the proceedings

The ex spymaster listening attentively to the proceedings

Prosecution lawyers said they were well aware of the matter before the High Court but said this can only be disposed off after evidence being adduced adding they cannot predict its outcome.

“The matters before High Court should not be mixed before those before the General Court Martial. Gen Sejusa is still an officer subject to military law and the submissions of his lawyers are meant to delay justice,” said Col Kagoro.

Meanwhile the court chaired by Karuhanga adjourned the case for one hour to  rule on the application by Sejusa’s lawyers.
Former Agriculture Minister Hope Mwesigye Ruhindi has described crime preventers as the ‘Interahamwe’ who perpetrated the 1994 Rwanda genocide, symptoms Chimp Corps report.

Mwesigye, viagra buy who is campaigning on the Go Forward ticket for Kabale Woman MP seat, said crime preventers are more or less a militia.

“Government is training crime preventers to intimidate people to vote the incumbent President Yoweri Kaguta as well as beat up people who are not supporting the NRM and its candidates,” said Mwesigye at a rally in Rubaya, Kabale on Monday.

“The genocide on Rwanda that claimed over 800,000 people was as a result of the actions of the government of the late Juvenal Habyarimana.”

Several opposition figures say the crime preventers are part of the planned scheme to rig elections in favour of the incumbent.

Government maintains crime preventers are non-partisan and only complement the work of security organisations in preventing crime.

Police chief gen Kale Kayihura recently said crime preventers have helped link police with local communities which he said has helped in fighting crimes throughout the country.

“They have helped promote and build a strong system throughout the country. We (police) now have a harmonious relationship with university students unlike before where they used to see us as enemies and threw stone at us,” Kayihura said recently.

Mwesigye, who in 2011 lost the MP seat to independent candidate Rita Ninsiima, assured the congregation that she has never left NRM.

“I am still a member of NRM but i belong to the GO-forward NRM Pro-change Camp. We want a change in leadership because the one we have has diverted from the fundamentals of the bush war,” said Mwesigye, a former close ally of president Museveni.

She added: “We want to reinstate term limits in the Constitution of Uganda; restore the rule of law and the independence of the arms of the government whose role has been taken over by the executive led by the incumbent president Yoweri Museveni.”

Mwesigye is Hon Amama Mbabazi’s sister-in-law. She served as a top mobiliser of the NRM until around 2011 when she was dropped from cabinet.

It was at the same time that Jacqueline Mbabazi was removed from the post of head of UPDF Luweero Industries.

It was said then that the Mbabazi family was working clandestinely to undermine NRM structures with the view of taking over power from President Museveni.

Mbabazi declared his presidential bid late last year.


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